Wednesday, July 18, 2018


After 42 years in Texas I finally ate a pizza which is real pizza.  If I had to paint a portrait of the perfect staff to match the ambiance of Dodici it would be this staff.  My waiter was amazing.  Trey told me it was his first waiting job.

Before I get into the pizza and wine, I want to say the staff is wonderful.  They are like if Trey and his partner set out to paint a portrait of the perfect staff.  They are a perfect blend with the general ambiance.  They are classy to a fault.  You feel like you are in a top of the line restaurant.


I got the classico-  A basic pepperoni pizza.  It is 12 inches.  Although it is an Italian pizza, it is the pizza which is the foundation of a good NY pizza.  The key is an airy outside crust, and a hint of fat coming from the mozzarella.  That is a sign of a very real and high quality cheese.

It brought back great memories.  It is hard to still find wood burning pizza ovens in NY.  The smokiness of the pizza and dough is out of this world.  The pizza was very thin crust, but not like eating pizza on a  cracker.  It had the perfect texture - it was thin without being crusty.  Again I never thought I would find this outside of NY.

Today at the soft opening they had a complementary summer salad.  Whoever invented it is a genius.  It was cucumber, watermelon, mint, feta cheese, a hint of lime and maybe something else.  You could taste every flavor.

Trey has ordered a traditional Italian sweet red which goes with pizza.  They do not have it yet.  I had a red Chianti.  I enjoyed it.  It was very refreshing with the pizza.

I came out at 7 p.m.  There was a great gulf breeze and downtown was beautiful.  I very much enjoyed limping to my car.  My lumbar was in a lot of pain.  I'm sold.  I will be there every weekend.  If only someone would put a piano bar near Dodici.


This is important.  You just press on the screen the percentage of your tip.  If you want a classy place like this to help restore downtown you need to reward the perfect staff.  I felt like I cheated them with only a 20% tip.  There is no mandated tip, but 20% is considered respectable.  Please be generous with the wonderful staff making for your wonderful experience and leave no less than 20%.

Tomorrow is another soft day opening with the grand opening on Friday.  Be there or miss out on a wonderful dining experience.  Guys, you cannot go wrong on a date at this place.  You will impress.

For me $13.00 for a top of the line classy pizza and $8.00 for the wine and a 20% tip was very reasonable.

A thank you to Adela Garza for coming to my table to say hello.  She was so gracious.  She will tell you I would not shake her hand until I was standing.  My friends you stand for a lady.  It was a very pleasant experience meeting her and she was all class.

I must say the same for Nurith Galonsky when I spoke with her today.  She is impressive and incredibly classy.

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