Friday, July 27, 2018


I will confess my sin, three glasses of wine.  I am not going to explain how, but no favors were exchanged.  I have a buzz.  The staff was amazing.  I'm normally not into fusion food, but I tried the chorizo con papas y serrano pepper.  It was very good. With the tip [only one glass of wine on my bill] it was $30.00.  I find that very reasonable.

To the two people who donated wine, thanks - each glass was different and very refreshing.  But now I am a bit tipsy.  I really need to find a date so I can have three glasses of wine and not drive. Dodici is wine central.  It is nice to have a fine wine restaurant in town.

My clothes - baggy because I am finally under 230 on a regular basis.  The shirt was bought when I was at 280.  I think I need to go back to the tailor again.  The shirt is a true manta guayabera.  A true manta will always be $70 plus.  They are light weight and very refreshing to wear.

In this part of Mexico manta is not a common word, but in inner Mexico and Central America it is very common.  It is about how they process the cotton.

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