Tuesday, July 3, 2018


The first part has been very well documented by the BV.  Second, the Betancourts defamed and trashed Sylvia Garza-Perez, the god-mother of Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa child.  Then without thinking twice upon Mike Hernandez and Carlos Marin's command Jessica betrayed the god-mother of her son, Sylvia Garza-Perez by engaging in illegal conduct with David Betancourt.

I cannot wait for the day Art wakes up and realizes the truth - karma will be in his face with sympathy coming from no one.


I was intrigued by the support from both Republicans and Democrats.  I will follow-up on information I was given concerning Luis Hernandez.  I think I can now say with certainty Mike Hernandez is de facto the director of the GBIC.

I can tell you the Galonsky Circus is actually working as hard as Mike Hernandez to keep me from filing suit because they fear empowerment by the people.  Nurith Galonsky is as guilty of what happened as Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa, David Betancourt, and Cesar De Leon.

I grew up with so many Jewish friends with parents or grandparents with the Nazi tattoos marking them as Jewish. I saw it with my eyes.  I heard first hand accounts of the concentration camps.  The Galonskies are only the second Jewish family I have ever known who proudly promote the false stereotype of Jews being money hungry.  It sickens me the Nurith intentionally promotes a stereotype of Jews which sent 6 million to the death camps.  Her father Abraham makes human excrement look like gold.  They need to be exposed for who and what they are.

I have asked two people to try and help me create a similar graphic known as the Hernandez Circus with Mike Hernandez as the Ring Master, and Carlos Marin, Jessica, Cesar, David, Nurith, Luis Hernandez, and  Rita Hernandez as clowns or dogs.  Yes, Rita - I am working on that one.  If you want to stop both of these corrupt political machines you can email me the graphic at bobbywc58@yahoo.com

But to be honest what I am hearing over and over again, anyone who helps me will be targeted by the Galonskies and Mike Hernandez.  We cannot live in a town filled with fear.  We must stand in support of our community.

But I will not stand alone.  I can have the lawsuit filed by late Thursday.  The GBIC Board can do nothing to stop me.  The case law says they can re-vote, but I am still allowed to proceed.

 "If a governmental body illegally deliberates and decides an issue in closed session, repealing the action so that it can be retaken in a later setting does not vindicate the very right protected by TOMA. As stated by our supreme court:  “Our citizens are entitled to more than a result.   They are entitled not only to know what government decides but to observe how and why every decision is reached.”  Acker, 790 S.W.2d at 300.   Accordingly, we conclude that Ramos's request for a declaration that appellants violated the statute, coupled with the potential remedy involving the certified agenda, establishes that this issue is not moot.   We overrule the second issue."

If these idiots try to hire Mario Lozoya properly after a court finds they violated the law, it will go to intent to engage in criminal conduct under TOMA.  Further my lawsuit would include a subpoena on Toyota for all emails to Mario Lozoya from Mike Hernandez, Luis Hernandez, or any other actor wherein he used his corporate email.  Toyota will fire Mario forthwith.  He will have no job.  I gave him a chance, but he has chosen to roll the dice.


Probably not and here is why.  I have all of these people, and I am tired of it, demanding I use my money for a lot of research and then report on the corruption they oppose.  The BV collected the evidence which showed Rose Gowan worked for UT thereby saving Lincoln Park because Mike Cowen was willing to donate his services for the battle.  The BV broke the story of Abraham Galonsky being in the executive session during the Casa de Nylon negotiations.  The BV broke the story of Tony Martinez using his law partner to negotiate the deal the Abraham Galonsky.  I do believe the case law still allows for a lawsuit to recover the $2.3 million from Galonsky, but our city commission is now 100% owned by Galonsky and Hernandez.  Two corrupt families now command control of our city government and resources.  The BV broke the story of federal judge Hanen's wife working for Tony Martinez using taxpayer money to do his real estate deals while keeping same secret from the city commission.   All of this has cost me money.  No more

This is our battle, not mine.  If all the lawyers and professionals with the money to make this end do not care, then so be it.

I am not doing any more of this until someone is willing to defer my costs of reporting and filing suit when need be.  I am 60 and trying to lock in my retirement.  No more of my money will be used to fight these battles for the people of Brownsville.

When Galonsky or Hernandez destroy your business or get access to millions more of your tax dollars remember you voluntarily gave it to them.

There is no doubt I would win the lawsuit, and the state would pursue criminal charges.  We all known Saenz is bought lock stock and barrel and will do nothing to protect the people.

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