Tuesday, July 31, 2018


It blows my how many doctors continue to claim this is not an issue for women.  GoRedforwomen.org https://www.goredforwomen.org is a great resource for women and heart disease.  Every year I tell my female readers if the ER or a doctor dismisses you if you think you are having a heart attack find another doctor.

My mother was hated by Nassau County Medical Center after she got the DOJ to force them to post all signs in Spanish and English in 1976.  I was with her during the first attack.  I saw what I saw.  The ER ignored her and sent her home after some cursory tests.  

A few days later she went back in an ambulance.  The ER immediately dismissed her and ordered her to the mental health ward - diagnosis female hysteria.  Yes this is what doctors called female heart disease.  Within minutes of being put into her bed she vomited - a sure sign of a heart attack.  Within 15 minutes she was dead of a massive heart attack - having been diagnosed with female hysteria and committed to the psych ward.  The sac around her heart filled with fluid and crushed her heart.  Even for 1977, it should have been a simple diagnosis, but not with doctors who believed heart disease was not a female problem.

Again ladies visit the web page above and watch the video.  If a doctor dismisses you, find a new doctor.  Know your health and the truth about women and heart disease.


This evening when I realized tomorrow would be August 1st it hit hard.  Wednesday will be hard.  The pain never gets better.  A mother is your moral compass.  She never stood down from a battle for equality.  She lived 29 of her 58 years in a country where she suffered discrimination for who she was.  She left a home in Nicaragua with 7 maids to live as a Hispanic widow with 7 kids facing discrimination from the day she arrived in the US when daddy was asked to leave a restaurant in Houston for being with a dark women to dying in a hospital which hated her for forcing them to put signs in English and Spanish.  I learned no matter how hard things are you never stand down from justice. 


So today while I am calling him out on copyright infringement again, he defends it as just social media.  This is not who we want our children looking up to.  Copyright infringement or plagiarism can and will get you expelled from the university.   This is the message he is sending to the BISD students he wants to represent.

After posting a host of defamation per se accusation against me on McHale's Facebook, McHale panicked or Castro panicked and removed them and then Castro blocked me.  

Castro is many things but a pubic servant he is not.


The comments were down, but now they are back up.  We shall see what FB says about it.


After I posted this update a friend called me and said he could see the comments by Castro.  I double checked and I could not.  I have since learned this con artist wannabee public servant who blocks anyone who calls him out can block you from seeing his messages on other people's FB accounts once he blocks you.

Today has been very busy with a lot of multitasking and briefs.  I would have posted this earlier but I had to finish my work.

On going after Jessica Tetreau for doing the same concerning blocking people as an elected official, a federal judge in NY has found same to be unconstitutional.  It has not moved Jessica.  She and Castro are so stupid.  Everything they post which might interest me will be copied to me so all they do is hurt themselves.  Once the court of appeals affirms the federal trial courts ruling that as an elected official blocking people is unconstitutional I will see Jessica in court.  The part of the ruling which says elected officials cannot moderate their pages will be reversed.  It was an absurd ruling.  To say elected officials cannot remove obscene postings is just crazy.  

Bobby WC 


"Texas Southmost College has launched a fast-track certification program for industrial scaffold builders that officials hope is a first step in the Rio Grande Valley’s transformation into a higher-wage economy.

Students who successfully complete the two-week, 80-hour Industrial Scaffolding Committee Basis Access Program will learn the skills and earn the industry credential necessary to enter the workforce at an average salary of $15 per hour, said Joseph H. Fleishman, TSC associate vice president of Instruction and Workforce Development."
Mike Hernandez's flaws are so numerous I would bore you to death.  The proof is in, Jerry McHale has gone from calling Mike everything under the son to now calling him the second coming.  Mike is accustomed to buying people to get what he wants.  He never learned working in the trenches or earning support through respect.
Well Mike knows nothing about the trenches and the reality of life for the poor in the trenches or for that matter the unemployed.
TSC on the other hand has created a program which gets the students in and out in 2 weeks with certification.  I have tried to send several people to Mike's 10 week course in OSHA certification in forklifts.  You see, these people need a flexible schedule in order to feed their family.  A 10 week course means your family going without.
You might be able to go two weeks without working during the day if your employer offers night time hours.  Many of these people are working 2 and 3 part time jobs  TSC is offering an opportunity which allows the underemployed to get meaningful job training.  Mike Hernandez is offering an opportunity which leaves your family without a means of support. 
You complete this course in just a few hours.
The problem is the online course gives you no practical experience.  I can tell you jobs abound in logistics and distribution in Brownsville.  The people I am trying to help get work cannot get hired because they do not have forklift practical experience and certification.  I have gotten several their certification but because they have no practical experience they cannot get the job.
A practical experience training program in forklift training should last no longer than two weeks.  A good program should align with a private company which will allow for practical experience.  Learning to move pallets between shelves is not something you can learn in a classroom unless that classroom is equipped with rows and shelves.  You must also have pallets to move with merchandise on them.
The BV posted the following on June 28, 2018.  "All over Texas the Work Force Commission provides free forklift training.  We are at a major crossroads for distribution, warehousing and logistics.  Companies have to leave the LRGV is search of qualified OSHA certified forklift operations.  Oliviera and both Lucios have done shit for us on this issue.  We have endless job opportunities but zero vision by our leaders in job training or even asking Texas to provide us the same opportunities they provide elsewhere in Texas."
After the BV accuses the Texas Workforce Commission of racial discrimination on the issue of forklift training, Mike Hernandez is given money to provide the training, but during a 10 week course for something which should last no more than 2 weeks.  I've tried to get people to enroll, but 10 weeks is too long for poor people to go without work and be able to feed their family.


On the issue of graduates with OSHA certification in forklift use finding jobs upon graduation I have no issue.  The jobs abound and the OSHA certification along with practical training is what the employers want.  The only people who will fail at getting a job will be because of their lack of interview skills or something in their background.  So on this issue I am certain most graduates will have zero problems getting a good job,
But as to his non-certified training and GED course, TWC did nothing to verify the students are finding competitive jobs with those who graduate certified programs.  TWC has done nothing to determine the percentage of GED graduates who actually pass the test.  Training people for the GED who cannot pass the test is a waste of money.  Now the percentage is a comparative percentage.  How does Mike's program compare to others.  Not everyone is going to pass.  Why?  Because many need accommodation which they will not receive because TWC refuses to spend the money to have the students tested for special accommodation so that they can pass and move on.
All of this is what I mean by being in the trenches.  Mike knows nothing about the students and their need to feed their family during job training or their need for special accommodations in learning and testing.

Monday, July 30, 2018


I am grateful God finally afforded her the peace she so well deserved.  She understood unconditional love is a way only a few of God's children understand.  Some might say life gave her a raw deal since her childhood.  Betty would just tell you she was blessed.  She took her life and embraced it and returned to all an unconditional love which is nearly impossible to express.

I am so happy in March I got to spend time with her in her home.

During the worst of times in my life I always went back to Betty's life story and found my salvation in her unconditional love.  She lives within me, so I have lost nothing.  Today was an odd day.  I kept on saying something is not right.  I sensed I was being told to sleep and be at peace.  I actually slept nearly the entire day, although I had a ton of work.

I am so grateful to God that she is finally at peace.  She was living proof of the parable of JOB. Nothing or any one could ever make her waiver in her faith.  All she knew was faith, love and how to embrace everyone she touched.

Enjoy your well earned peace as one of GOD'S  most amazing angels. You will always be with me to comfort me.  You are my salvation.


I do hope Jerry's claim of speaking Spanish is better than his writing.  No matter how many times he calls it Casa de Nylon reality will not change.

Sorry but also a word on Erasmos Castro.  He either lacks the minimum skills to read, or chooses to deceive.  Either way, whether it is an inability to read or a desire to deceive he makes himself unfit to be a BISD Trustee.

So, he knows I will not put up with him copying my stories.  We made a deal I would be allowed to comment on his page when people post ridiculous claims about my stories which are complete falsehoods.  Castro never having met a lie he would not tell, broke the deal.  So now he tries to rewrite my stories and in the process proves he cannot read simple English or he seeks to deceive.

Below is my story on Stephen F. Austin.  It clearly says the problem with Stephen F. Austin is he was a racist and fought Mexico on ending slavery in Texas.  There is no reference in the story of him being a confederate.  Well Castro having little regard for reality or facts paints him as a confederate.  From Castro: "The city of Austin, Texas has suggested in a preliminary report, that highlighted historical connections to a former Confederate leader, Stephen F. Austin, otherwise known as the “Father of Texas", that it might consider changing its name."   From one of his trolls. " Martin Leal Stephen F. Austin died December 27, 1836, in West Columbia, The Confederacy was formed on February 4, 1861 at least 24 years after he died. how could he have been a leader of something that did not exist when he died?"  This results in his moronic troll followers noting the organization behind this discussion are just dumb people because the confederacy did not exist at the time of Stephen F.  Austin.



Everything people know factually about the Casa del Nyon deal comes from the BV.  The BV broke the story and printed the facts.  Now the same social media just prints unsubstantiated claims about the condition of the building and the cost of remodelling.  I have yet to see any engineering report or the report of an expert on any of this.

The BV which has been clear since day one it is about process.  The process by which the Casa del Nylon was sold and bought was illegal.  This fact will never change.

But the bought and paid for social media in Brownsville just keeps on going with more trash never offering options or solutions.


Until that first night I walked out of Dodici I never realized where it was in terms of real estate value.  As they say in real estate location, location, location.  You can cry like a baby about the bad deal and how we were taken until hell freezes over and nothing will change.  Or you can try and think of a solution.

In terms of downtown redevelopment the location of Casa Del Nylon at this point, for the size of the lot, may be the most prime spot in Brownsville.  It is right there basically in Market Square.

If you want to move downtown forward with Market Square being the anchor, then you sell the Casa Del Nylon even at a loss if you have guaranteed development which complements Market Square.

In the end the city will get its money back in taxes.

In the Cedar Springs area of Dallas, after it was revived Luby's put in a restaurant.  It was too high dollar of a neighborhood for Luby's.  Now people driving to Cedar Springs for the night life would eat at Luby's but not really the locals.

Luby's sold a two year old building to Walgreens which tore it down and then built a new Walgreens.  This was a high dollar investment risk for Walgreens.  But Cedar Springs did not have a pharmacy.  Also a larger percentage of its residents not only were HIV+ but had great jobs with great insurance.  There was money to be made.  Walgreens became an overnight success.


1]  The city takes a temporary loss, to be regained later in overall taxes, and sells Casa Del Nylon.  The buyer must commit to redo the facade to make it compatible with Market Square, and to a business compatible with Market Square.

2]   Again the city takes a temporary loss and sells Casa Del Nylon to someone who will tear it down and build a new facility consistent with Market Square architecture and commit to new businesses which will complement the Market Square area and the development of the area.

The bottom line is, the city needs to stop sitting on this property and turn it into something which will bring more business to Market Square which in turn will raise property taxes in the area and revenue for the city.

As to the raw deal we got, that reality stays the same.  But doing nothing with the building or the land, when the proper development of the building and the land can raise overall property taxes in the area and continue the resurgence of downtown, would be our inept city commission doing nothing to better promote Market Square and redevelopment of downtown.

The bottom line is the city has to take the loss and drop the price on the building and recoup it later in taxes.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


I tell you they are like butter.  They smoked at about 250 - 300 for two hours.


"A lot of great people have been coming to our restaurant and talking about how much they love our space and wanted this type of scene downtown. We believe in downtown resurgence as much as anyone and are happy to do our part. We will see you today at 5!"

If you are not having smoked pork ribs, you might as well go for pizza and wine.


I want to make clear, I  totally oppose this cleansing of our history by removing Confederate monuments and racists from our history.  We need to remember and be taught all of our history to avoid repeating it.


"A new report from Austin, Texas’s Equity Office about existing Confederate monuments suggested changing the city's name."


"Austin’s namesake, Stephen F. Austin — also referred to as the "father of Texas" — opposed efforts by Mexico to abolish slavery in the Tejas province, saying freed slaves would become “vagabonds, a nuisance and a menace,” the newspaper noted."

Where does this selective indignation end?


I will say this, there is a growing army of voters who now understand the news media and local blogs will say what ever they are paid to say, so their influence in waining.

Saturday, July 28, 2018


I do not support Dodici because of its owners.  I support it because of what it does for Brownsville, and the quality of its food and service.  Now I will not lie.  I like their owners.  The BV is always about process and results and not people. 

From Dodici's Facebook

"Yesterday was our best day yet and we hope to top it today. Downtown is alive!! We love having new people coming to visit us. See you today at 5 !"


After removing from package pat dry any blood or moisture. I know this will irk Jerry because he had a meltdown over my 50lb weight loss while he whines like a baby about how he cannot lose weight.  I am sorry for the blur.  There are days or just times my hands shake a lot.

After the pat down put Worcestershire sauce on ribs.  You may not know this but it contains tamarind.  Then apply Chupacabra Cajun blend and rub in.  Do same on reverse,  Then place the barbecue tray in the fridge for about 24 hours.  Years ago I bought like 5 of these trays for maybe $2.00 each and made in the USA.  

I cook mine with mesquite wood.  I will smoke them for about 2 to 2/1 hours. I like to let them set for about 30 minutes.  My brother will tell you he did not have to cut the ribs apart.  They are like butter.  He just slid, not cut with the knife, through the ribs.

And there you have it.  I cook most days.  I do simple some days.  I do love complex meals others.  My Nicaraguan chicken and rice is all day.  I steal two sour oranges every time from my neighbor's tree.  My marinara sauce with hot Italian sausage and homemade meatballs are an all day process.  I cannot cook this way every day so some days I will simply cut up some potatoes and chicken breast - equal amounts.  Brown both together and then add the Hot Pace Picante Sauce.  Very easy in 45 minutes including cooking time of  30 minutes on simmer.


While listening I closed my eyes, and lost myself in a wonderful world of Jazz.  If I had the money I would buy the place across from Dodici called Broadway and open a piano bar.  The clientele at Dodici really love their wine. The selection is very good.  A lot of these people are the type people who would cross the street for piano music.  This is the type music where you lose yourself in the music.  You add in some more wine, good friends to talk nonsense, and you have a wonderful night out.

Brownsville has a lot of money.  The clientele for such a place is here.  I would hope in time the younger generation would learn the experience of a good piano bar as a way to escape and just relax.


I have spent over two-thousand dollars this year on trying to keep the pool running.  I noticed more yellow algae than normal.  The cyanuric acid was too high.  It is standard with any in ground pool you have to empty half the water and refill it to stabilize the cyanuric acid.  I got all of the chemicals perfect.  The pool was balanced.  I would vacuum and it would look great except it would fog up. 

I learned the return valves were sending everything right back into the pool.  So I changed the o-rings on the backwash piston.  It did not work.  The grids in the filter were only a few months old.  I checked them anyway.  They were all filled with water which means they all had a lot of tears.  I said screw it.  For an extra $700 I could just buy a new filter.  I did. But now the yellow algae has cemented itself into the bottom of the pool.  The metal brush will not break it up, a pumas rock for the pool will not break it up.  Scrapping it will not break it up.  No amount of the strongest algae killer has any impact.

I am told the pool should not have algae because the chemical needed to allow algae to grow does not exist in my pool.

So maybe in the winter I will have the money to pay cash to redo the pool.  For what I want the $8,000 price tag is reasonable.  At this time it is just not there, and I have a policy to never touch the retirement account.  I have a lot of travelling coming up which costs money.  I pay on my United card for the points and then pay off the card minutes later.  The United points are paying for my trip to Nicaragua.

I over spent in food in the summer because cooking outside and having company over relaxes me. Tonight is rib eyes with asparagus and tomorrow is smoked port ribs with new potatoes potato salad.


In New York with the equity I have in the house I could go borrow $8000 at about 4% and be done.  Texas does not allow for this.  You have to refinance your home while keeping the amount of equity you want.  I am not going to pay $4000 in closing to borrow $8000.  Also my mortgage rate will go from 3.9 to 4.9.  So until the winter the pool is closed.

Friday, July 27, 2018


I will confess my sin, three glasses of wine.  I am not going to explain how, but no favors were exchanged.  I have a buzz.  The staff was amazing.  I'm normally not into fusion food, but I tried the chorizo con papas y serrano pepper.  It was very good. With the tip [only one glass of wine on my bill] it was $30.00.  I find that very reasonable.

To the two people who donated wine, thanks - each glass was different and very refreshing.  But now I am a bit tipsy.  I really need to find a date so I can have three glasses of wine and not drive. Dodici is wine central.  It is nice to have a fine wine restaurant in town.

My clothes - baggy because I am finally under 230 on a regular basis.  The shirt was bought when I was at 280.  I think I need to go back to the tailor again.  The shirt is a true manta guayabera.  A true manta will always be $70 plus.  They are light weight and very refreshing to wear.

In this part of Mexico manta is not a common word, but in inner Mexico and Central America it is very common.  It is about how they process the cotton.


For a while now East and West St. Charles has been a major center of remodelling. You cannot drive down St. Charles without seeing the slow but steady renovations.

Yesterday I was blown away when I was on E. St. Charles between 6th and 7th.  Trey Mendez's new law office anchors the street on 7th and E. St Charles.  But it is clear the block is under renovation with new roofs going on and general renovation.  But you also see this all up and down St. Charles east or west.

As you drive through the streets of downtown Brownsville you will see parts of the street blocked off for the remodelling.  There are more and more fancier new lights going in. 


I saw first hand Cedar Springs in Dallas go from a whore, drug haven, alcoholic center to upscale bars, stores, restaurants and townhouses I could never afford.  Yes because of increased property values it closed down the dives and drove out the whores and drug addicts.

I saw downtown at night go from abandoned to new condos, shops, nightlife and restaurants.  All it took was one willing investor to start the process.  In Brownsville the private investors abound. 

A dive versus a place with color and charm.  In Progresso I love this bar restaurant which is in the form of a traditional Mexican cantina.  It is not a dive where women go to pick up men and men go to get drunk on cheap beer.  It has all of the charm of an old fashion Mexican cantina, but a clientele which is not abused women being abused with cheap beer by abusive men.  An old fashion Mexican cantina with a better clientele will bring in money for its owner.

Over time not because of what I want, but because of basic economics and an increase in property values, taxes will go up and the truly dive bars will close because downtown will be too expensive.  They will not be able to afford the rent, or they will see greater value in selling their building.


It's Friday morning and you should be planning how to impress your significant other.  Your weekend cannot be complete without pizza and wine at Dodici on 12th and Adams.  There is plenty of parking.  They got in a Sweet Red wine, which is a perfect complement to pizza.  I will be there tonight or Saturday.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


First of all online polls have been denounced as worthless.  Only those willing to go to the news entity's cite and choose to give an answer get a voice in the poll.  There is nothing random or scientific about the poll.

A local news station (I'm sure I now the one because I know what I was watching before the news came on and their web page has the same lead story I saw last night) posted an on line poll asking "Has you opinion of Trump changed since hearing the tapes?"

The question is incoherent leaving for a response which cannot be interpreted such as the pic above.

The key here is "Has your opinion of  Trump changed." We know with certainty that both sides are dug in and nothing will change their mind about Trump.  So you could answer no to this question and in turn tell us nothing.  Your response could tell us you still oppose Trump and the tapes changed nothing.  Your response could tell us you still support Trump and the tapes changed nothing.

At news time more than 80% of those responding said their view of Trump had not changed. 

Hell we do not know if they even heard the tapes.


CNN  becoming a complete joke put on a forensic expert to push his opinion which put Trump in a bad light, but concedes another forensic expert could legitimately say he is wrong.

Answer:  The use of the forensic expert was a non-story.  But CNN needed to say they went to an expert and the expert agreed with them.  I swear when Chris Cuomo was discussing the opinion of their forensic expert he was having spontaneous orgasms.  It was sad to watch how low journalism has gotten.


There is no where to turn for factual news. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


 "Five straight sell outs! Thanks to everyone who has come out to visit us so far. We’ve already had several repeat customers. We will see you tomorrow at 5 pm !"

I hope to be there Friday. I am told the Sweet Red is in.  Sweet Red is a traditional red wine which goes with pizza.

Brownsville is growing with more and more successful businesses.  They are opening all of the time in my part of town.

Downtown is changing.  Crying over the demise of a dive bar for drunks is not Brownsville.  

As more and more people invest in downtown the property taxes will go up and the dive bars will collapse.  Within two months I expect to announce two major deals to expand downtown.  I meet with people.  With real estate you need to keep everything tight on the lip until you close the deal.  

I predict an explosion of new businesses in downtown for 2019.  It will start in late 2018.  We are on the move.  In short order the dive bars will be gone along with there clientel with high end bars replacing them


I know more and more people over 60 just taking off for a month or longer to regroup their lives.  When Jerry announced his departure to DF I decided to begin the process of taking a 30 day retreat to Granada, Nicaragua.  December is a good time to go.  Prices will be cheaper.  I have found a nice hotel near the lake with reasonable monthly rates.  

I post the above because it is essential to the journey.  If you do not see yourself in a positive light when you take the retreat, your demons will only get bigger and the retreat will have been an entire waste of time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Every year I get the calls from the elderly and poor.  "Where do I go for help with my utility bills?"  If you are part of the BPUB, the answer is nowhere.  There are programs I can get people on who are not part of a PUB.  But if you receive your utilities from a PUB the State will deny you help.  It is their position the PUB should have their own program.

Brownsville is odd about the PUB.  I know people who live next door to each other within the COB and one is on private service and the other is BPUB.  I have no idea how this works.

All I know is the elderly and poor call me every year, it is either food or AC.  Some people, especially the elderly and disabled must have the AC.  These people are not fortunate enough to be able to make their house energy efficient such as I have.

This is yet but another shame on a city which seems to care not for its people.


The clock has ticked and the case will now proceed to trial.  To do the type discovery needed to uncover the truth is at least $50,000.  There are numerous depositions needed.  They do not have it.  Given this basic reality I am at a loss for why they are taking this approach.

They can still take an Interlocutory Appeal.  They can still file an Application for Stay Pending the Appeal.  They will not.  My personal view is since they are not going to take an Interlocutory Appeal they should non-suit the matter and allow Mike Gonzales to effectively take control of the GBIC.  

Laches is an equity concept which basically says if you wait too long to fix the problem you may not proceed.  "An action taken by a governmental body in violation of this chapter is voidable."  § 551.141.  Tex. Gov’t Code.  The law has distinguished from that which is void or voidable.

Laches does not apply to a void order.  Laches does apply to a voidable order.

What is happening is by not taking the immediate appeal GBIC and the COB are being exposed to possible costly litigation based on what could be found to be illegal acts by Mario Lozoya.  This will be enough for a court to find laches applies.  Restated, GBIC can legitimately argue by Galonsky not pursing the immediate appeal or appeal to Judge Uresti that the GBIC was left in limbo and potentially exposed to major litigation.

Galonsky's lawyers are choosing to not pursue the remedies designed to bring a case like this to an immediate end.  

My view is it is over.  The "War and Peace" approach never works.  These type cases always have to be done in the format of "Cannery Row."  Galonsky either has to find the money to hire a high profile well known TOMA lawyer to pursue the appeal or drop the case.  The approach being taken will only leave her to be held in a bad light.  

Loyalty means nothing in this town. Mayor Tony Martinez has thrown Nurith Galonsky under the bus by not calling the emergency special meeting to end this.  Abraham Galonsky fails to see how he and his daughter are nothing more than tools to be used by Tony Martinez.

Monday, July 23, 2018


07/23/2018 Order 
Judicial Officer
Sorola, Louis S
Sua Sponte Order for Mediation

Now someone explain to me how do you mediate whether they violated TOMA?  You cannot.  This is going to end today if there is no appeal to Judge Uresti, or Sorola's order of mediation becomes moot upon the appeal.


The ruling of an associate judge has as much worth  as toilet paper.  As was noted Nurith Galonsky has the right to have the Temporary Injunction heard de novo by Judge Uresti.  Today appears to be the deadline.  In most cases you have three days to appeal.


I have been in this situation before and won immediately with the court of appeals.  Nurith's lawyers today in addition to filing the appeal and asking for a new hearing, MUST, File an Application for Stay of the hiring of Mario Lozoya Pending the TI hearing OR in the Alternative Pending a Petition for Writ of Mandamus.

If Judge Uresti refuses to sign the stay, the same stay can be filed today or tomorrow with the Court of Appeals.  They must also file  a mandamus, along with the Application for Stay Pending the Petition for Writ of Mandamus.  By weeks end or sooner Mario Lozoya can be out of a job again.

The good news is the Rules of Appellate Procedure bar them from taking the "War and Peace" approach instead of the "Canery Row" approach to preparing the brief.  They is a word count requirement which must be certified.  An actual petition is rarely more than 10 pages.  With front matter which is not counted in the word count it can go to 20 pages.

This is so simple.  The Issue Raised is simple, the court used the wrong standards in considering the Temporary Injunction. Broadly stated issues encompass the penumbra of all related issues.

The case law is overwhelming that irreparable injury in a TOMA case is not required.  Judge Sorola either intentionally ignored the well established law, or proved once again he lacks the legal acumen to under basic law.

They must also amend the Petition to add the TOMA violation concerning the hiring of Rene Oliviera.  It is not moot.  It also allows them to argue pattern an practice which Sorola refused to allow them to argue. The court of appeals will consider pattern an practice as a big part of this mess.

The legal doctrine that says GBIC by-laws do not allow for an Executive Director is well established.  Because the city knew the BEDC provided for an Executive Director when the city amended the GBIC by-laws the city knew if they wanted an Executive Director they needed to add it and they did not.

Cesar de Leon admitted on the stand he signed the contract to hire Lozoya before the question was presented to the GBIC Board of Directors.  Sorola is either too incompetent to understand these simple basic principles of law, or just ignored them.

I learned a lot at the hearing.  Because of how the city is part of this they are neglecting their duty to protect the taxpayer from fraud.  I spoke with the State's Auditor's office and they have jurisdiction regardless of any trial court ruling.  The city needs to intervene now.

The city also needs to call an emergency meeting and end the GBIC or at a minimum removed Cesar de Leon, Jessica Tetreau and David Betancourt.  The mayor can call an emergency meeting today.  I somehow suspect Ben Neece will second the call for the meeting.


It is no secret GBIC's lawyer Luis Hernandez is Mike Hernandez's cousin.  Rita Hernandez after retiring from BISD immediately took a job with Mike Hernandez.  If you cannot see the conflict there you are as incompetent as Luis Sorola.  Mike Hernandez is calling the shots.

If the appeal is taken, no amount of support or money from Mike Hernandez will be able to save Luis Sorola.  The court of appeals opinion will allow just about anyone to challenge him in the election and he would lose.  

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Over the last couple of weeks I have been three times.  I have to say it is my favorite beach on SPI.  Clayton's is an awesome beach, but the pavilion is a lot further from the water than at Isla Blanca.  For a lot of people, especially the elderly who like the shade of the pavilion or the handicapped who cannot get on the beach, but want to be able to watch their family Isla Blanca is the better option.


First it is not possible that the number of parking spaces assigned for the handicapped complies with federal law.  There is no doubt in my mind Cameron County is in violation of federal law on this one.

For Cameron County that is not enough they have to go one more step forward to discourage the handicapped from visiting the park.  We were in two cars.  In my friend's car which has the handicapped plaque for his ex who has had two leg surgeries - one just last week- was ordered to move from what appears to be a drop off spot to let her out with her walker.  The security guard would not allow her to get out of the car at the pavilion.  My roommate was told she would just have to walk whatever distance it was from a parking space to the pavilion. 

Just behind him unbeknownst to me what was happening I pulled into another area which appears to be for drop off and begin to unload the cooler and canopy.  The same security guard it appears tells me "no, move on."  I tell him I have disabled plates and a disabled plaque and I have no choice but to leave these heavy things at the pavilion with my friend's daughter and that the county was out of compliance with federal law concerning handicapped parking.  I moved forward doing what I had to do and he kept on telling me to move on.  I ignored him.

About the time I proceeded down the road to a far off parking lot, my friend calls and says they are leaving the park because there is no way to get his ex out of the car and there is no parking.  He tells me to go back around to go get his daughter and my stuff.  At that moment a handicap spot opened up next to the pavilion and I found a spot maybe a 10 minute walk from the pavilion.  So we stayed and had a great time.

His ex got a nice table overlooking the beach and could watcher her grandchildren, while preparing sandwiches and staying with the baby out of the sun.


My brother and his wife stayed at the park for 10 days and left on July 5th.  They loved SPI.  They found the free bus to be amazing and very on time most of the time.  They loved riding their bikes on some days.  About every other day I went out so they had my car, but we mostly just stayed on the beach at Isla Blanca.  I discovered Pier 19 which they had already eaten at.  I left early on the 4th and got their by 8 a.m. and  although it was walking distance from their slot we drove over.  For the price the amount of food you get, and the quality of the food, it is great for breakfast.

Their camper trailer which they had been driving all over the country as part of their retirement was fully equipped.  But they tried to use the facilities used by those who rent spaces.  They could not.  The stench was unbearable.  I challenged them and said it could not be that bad.  Well it was.  Plus the facilities on the inside appeared abandoned and were filthy beyond imagination.  I used the bathroom in his trailer.

Things were no better at the facilities at the beach pavilion


They were amazed there was no laundromat at the park for those renting space. With the exception of being on the bay side they said the KOA was a much nicer place.  They said of all the places they stayed at all over the country Isla Blanca was the first without a laundromat.  They found a place down the island which washes clothes by the pound.  They took the bus and left their laundry.


A lot of these retirees use bikes to get around.  The county really needs to install some bike racks at the beach pavilion so the camping guests can ride their bikes to the beach.  The park is not as small as you may think.  

Now I know I will hear, well they are getting to it with the new construction.  Keeping the facilities clean have nothing to do with all of the new construction.  It is about mismanagement and neglect.

On the bike rack it would cost the county very little to buy and install.  

Saturday, July 21, 2018


These days are not the days to have the kids out in the mid-day sun.  Keep them hydrated with water.

Friday, July 20, 2018


Stories which touch real people's lives never make it to the news for more than 15 minutes and then they are dropped.  The idea of building the story and putting what is happening into context would take the reporters out of the AC offices and this they rarely will do.

How about going to Central America and showing the children forced into drug cartel armies so the U.S. American people have a context to why these people are coming here.

How about reporting on the long term impact of school shootings on the victims?  That 15 minutes is gone. 

But no, every night it is Trump, Trump, Trump. All the news media is doing is making Trump's supporters dig in.  This is why it would not surprise me if in November the Republicans win big and very big.

We know the story, so move on to the real problems facing the US American people.



Duardo lives to stir the pot.  He has no other joy in life.  He claims the following which is a total falsehood.  "In a follow-up story Wightman posted today, he denies ever writing Barton was in the courtroom. Looks bad for Bobby…]"  Highlighted in blue never happened.  I call out Duardo as a liar because we all know he knows how to read, and when he chooses to use his writing gift for picturesque scenes we know he can write.  But instead he lives for the low life instead of writing picturesque scenes of the historic RGV.

My words were in response to Jim Barton trying to make his readers believe my post about how he used his grandson to promote a lie was shameful.  In that story I did not make the issue of his presences or non-presence part of the story.  So I posted an update simply stating that.  

I also noted the journalistic standard for dealing with such denials as Jim's.  This is certainly something Duardo knows about.  A simple email would have gotten him an update with him stating I was mistaken.  It would then be up to the readers to decide if I saw Jim's dop·pel·gäng·er, or not.  We all have one, so theoretically it could have been his dop·pel·gäng·er.

What is really laughable, Duardo demands I prove my claim by posting a picture of Jim, which would have been a very violation of the rules I was complaining Judge Sorola refused to enforce.


Jim I will say this three times because we both know you will lie anyway.  In this post, contrary to what you are trying to imply, I NEVER SAID YOU WERE AT THE HEARING.  AGAIN I NEVER SAID YOU WERE AT THE HEARING.  AGAIN, I NEVER SAID YOU WERE AT THE HEARING

This post was about you lying to your grandson and then using him as a weapon.  That is it.  Shame on you.

When Erasmo demanded I remove my comments about his allegations against Phil Cowen, he did not go into psychotic meltdown mode.  I noted he used the term coup which means an illegal act and we ended it at that.  So simple

But Jim you are very angry man, which is why you chose the original name of your blogs as "Mean Mr. Brownsville."  Had you simply emailed me and we both know you can, I would have put an update with your claim I mistook you for someone who looked like you.  That would have ended it.  But  as is always the case you are obsessed with unprofessional conduct, smearing people, lying and settling scores, instead of taking the professional path.


Everyone knows the man who answered the phone and left the courtroom twice to deal with an unruly child, was near the door on the side where all of Cesar de Leon and Mario Lozoya's supporters were sitting.  The other side was Nurith Galonsky and her supporters.  Judge Sorola could clearly see this and chose to do nothing about the phone ringing and the disruptive child.  That is the point of the story.


If he is willing to use his own grandson to lie and use a fake picture implying his grandson is upset with me for Barton's lie, can you trust anything he says?  To get to his lie Jim effectively says he would recklessly leave his grandson outside the courtroom unattended.

"Jack, do you want to sue Bobby Wightman-Cervantes for defamation?  He implied you acted badly outside Judge Sorolla's courtroom," I asked.

At no time did I ever say the disruptive child was his grandson.  Jim creates this lie and then shamelessly takes it to his grandson to build hate.  His son is no better.  Building hate seems to be their forte. "Diego Lee Rot said...  I could speak purty good English after just being here one day. I wanted to fit in."   My mother spent 29 of her 58 years in this country the object of bigotry which comes from such comments.  Trump is making it permissible again. I have dropped 13 people from FB for doing the same thing.  Family, in fact especially family is no exception.  When your mother or grandmother suffered 29 years of discrimination over this mentality and speech those willing to use are no longer your family or friends.

A child should never be exposed to hate, especially based on lies.

In writing "a child" was disruptive I rightfully presumed I had no idea who the child was.  I also presumed in a million years Barton would never leave his grandson unattended in the courthouse.  So, this fair presumption caused me to assume his grandson was being watched by a third party who could have had their own child with them.  This is a fair and responsible assumption.  This is why I said "a child."


He quotes Erasmos Cartro, a man he has called a liar, and then based on a comment without context writes an entire story asking if Phil Cowen violated the Open Meetings Act.  Absolutely zero concern for any verifiable facts.  But there was a fair and commonsense presumption he chose to ignore.  Almost every month the BISD Board reviews Desesperanza Zendejas performance.  According to Jim it is not possible based on this regular review of her performance Phil Cowen could formed an opinion of the numbers of who supports her and who does not.

But if you really want to know Jim listen to him cry about not being on some non-existent list.  He then claims I was.  I know of no such list. I stay informed and went out to eat.  Jim cries like a baby about it and claims he was left off a list.  No Jim you just had to care to stay informed and then go out to eat.