Friday, June 15, 2018


WHY TONY?:  A quote from someone  I respect "  I do like Tony Garza’s views and manner of engagement."

Tony is well respected in international circles.  He knows trade.  He is at the heart of the NAFTA renegotiation.  He understands economic and trade policy.  He is pragmatic on social issues and understands we need to work together as a nation.

If anyone can get Congress to become more civil and better work with one another between the parties it is Tony Garza.

It is going to take a lot of bigwigs and money from the right people to get him to consider challenging Trump.  I believe after years of Trump's childish actions Democrats, Republicans, Independents and moderates will see Tony as a breath of fresh air.

I am about content of character.  Although I normally vote democrat I am about the best interests of the country first.  The democrats have no one who can beat Trump, so we need to find a Republican who can beat Trump

Tony's disadvantage, which is actually something I love about him and why I want to see him as our president, is he will run a dignified diplomatic campaign compared to Trump running a  trash Tony campaign.  The people will see this and see a clear difference in leadership style.

Yes, I know his is an incredible long shot, But I wish the bigwigs in the Republican Party would approach him, help him get the backing he needs for a serious challenge and then then convince him to run.

But alas Tony right now has one of the greatest jobs you can have.  Why would he leave it?

I've never understood why we do so little for our neighbors to the south.  If we were to be as proactive in Latin America as we are elsewhere maybe we could reduce the illegal immigration.

I do know this, if Tony Garza were president he would make Latin America a priority.

I posted before this  the the Anthony Bourdain piece on Mexico because we need to take responsibility for our part in the mess.  No more politics.  It is time to get serious.  We have Special Forces in Mexico who on order in a day can take out nearly every drug king.  We know where they live.  We watch them.  It is time to allow our snipers to end their lives.  Mexico has to either agree or we do it on our own.  If you destroy the leaders time and time again, which we can, they become so disorganized they can no longer terrorize Mexico.

This is something Trump needs to order.  It is not something Tony Garza could ever do as president.

Most of my readers probably do not remember but it was agreed only Richard Nixon could open up trade with China because of his long history of being anti China and communism.  Obama would have been seen as weak had he met with Kim Jung Un.  Trump would not be seen as week, well unless you are a talking head on CNN.

Our window on changing Mexico is short.  But I tell you if Tony Garza runs and wins, he will have more influence over Latin America and in particular Mexico than any other president in our history.  His control will based on the trust Latin America has in Tony, and not based on fear.

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