Thursday, June 28, 2018


Beto O'rouke came to the Valley, met with many of the same politicos we have come to despise, meets with Gilbert Hinojosa who we as Democrats voted out of office in favor of a Republican, and then asks for our vote.  The Texas Democratic Party is the Party of Plantation Democrats.  

During all of the years they were in control what did they do for the RGV - nada.  All over Texas the Work Force Commission provides free forklift training.  We are at a major crossroads for distribution, warehousing and logistics.  Companies have to leave the LRGV is search of qualified OSHA certified forklift operations.  Oliviera and both Lucios have done shit for us on this issue.  We have endless job opportunities but zero vision by our leaders in job training or even asking Texas to provide us the same opportunities they provide elsewhere in Texas.

28 years old, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with no political background in elective office who was outspent 10 to 1 defeated the 4th highest ranking Liberal Democrat in the House.  The Latino Community finally have a voice because they used their power.

The Democrats have shit in terms of statewide office without us.  We hold all of the cards.  I can find no evidence that since winning the nomination Lupe Valdez has come to the Valley.  Maybe she has, I just cannot find the evidence.

Beto came and met with the politicos we despise.  The people were beneath him.  Here is a fact.  In 1995, he was arrested for attempted burglary [believed to have been a challenge prank and not actual burglary], and in 1998 he was arrested for DWI.  There are even  Latinos who will look at this and say "he is the face that Trump promotes about Latinos so hell no."

The power is ours.  Until the statewide candidates come to us and kiss our rings I say not one vote for the Democrats in November.  I am not saying to vote Republic - hell no.

Last night's news about Justice Kennedy retiring sends chills up my spine and I fear deeply for civil liberties.  The only good news I think it could be a rallying cry to vote Democrat in other states.

Comments from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were not welcoming to Alexandria - "how dare some uppity Latina defeat a white liberal male."  Well let me tell you something Nancy and Chuck, you are next.  We are not your slaves on the Democratic Party Plantation.  

In November you are to just place a blank ballot in the box.  Now if a local candidate comes out swinging against the Democrats and their failed leadership, or calls for Gilberto Hinojosa's removal, I say then vote  for them as the new Democrat willing to take down the Anglo owners of the Texas Democratic Party Plantation.

I will tell you with 100% certainty based on my discussion with Latino leaders in Dallas,  Lupe Valdez as sheriff did not impress the Latino Community, and is known to be happy as a house servant to the Anglos so long as she is allowed into the big house.

I have too much self respect as a Latino to reward a sell out because she is a Latina and lesbian.  

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