Wednesday, June 20, 2018


And for the record neither is Senate Minority leader Democrat Chuck Schumer.  The Democrats must remove him forthwith for his actions against the children by holding them hostage for political gain.  In case you have not heard 51 Republican Senators have signed onto a Bill which would end the separating of children and parents.   Democrat Chuck Schumer told the Democrats to not cooperate because Trump must end the policy and not Congress.  Look Trump is a mad man, but holding the children hostage for political gain makes Chuck Schumer more than a mad man, he is also a diabolical politician.  Just another reason for me to not vote Democrat in November.

For the record the only thing in the Republican Bill is ending the separation, nothing else.  And yes it is true the cynical Republicans put the Bill forward knowing full well Schumer would oppose it and then the Republicans could play the game of blaming the Democrats.

The Democrats need to remove Chuck Schumer as the minority leader immediately, and it is time the Cabinet or Congress invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump as president.

Using children as pawns such as Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump are is as evil and unfit for office as you can get.

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