Saturday, June 23, 2018


Vote rationally.  My vote is not based on Dr. Garcia's complaint.  I may consider supporting him for BISD.  Could you imagine a BISD Board Member who blows the whistle and files complaints against the District.  The TSC mess is the result of Adela Garza demanding Lily Tecero be President in name only and allow Adela run TSC.  This lead to a lot of bad decisions.  Lily turned to her supporters and made mistakes, while keeping other board members out of the loop. 


Had they found Dr. Garcia's complaint valid would you not have to say he met his fiduciary duty by reporting the problem?  We do not need nor want a system which labels as bad an elected official as bad for filing what they believe to be a valid complaint to protect the institution they represent.  This is a moronic position born of desperation. 

This election is about bringing quiet to the TSC Board.  I cannot wait for the Tecero trial.  I believe she will lose over the false stamps and insurance issue.  But the testimony will show Adela was the problem.  Adela will then be powerless.  The other Trustees will be able to ignore her.  With JJ we get rid of one of the variables making decision making at TSC harder.  We need calm.  Step one is Dr. Garcia.  Step two is Adela Garza.

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