Tuesday, June 12, 2018


The news media coverage last night was horrible, you had those who knew nothing, those wishing for failure, and those trying to make Trump out as a genius.

If this fails it will be all on Trump.  Pitching as a talking head from a chair is not analysis.  Every thing has to be placed into an analytic model before you can analyze.  I took the same model which allowed me to predict the end of the Soviet Union two years before it happened and added in a movie and a book.  The movie of course is "The Mouse that Roared," and Trump's "Art of the Deal."  

The Mouse That Roared is a 1955 Cold War satirical novel which has a poor fictional European Nation using medieval dress and arms to invade the US so that when they are defeated the U.S. will pay to rebuild their failing country.

The "Art of the Deal" of course is Donald Trump explaining how to make a deal.  Kim Jung Un had this book memorized.  Even after Trump cancelled the meeting Kim came back with nice words because he knew this was normal Trump.  Kim worked Trump using Trump's own play book.

Kim only viewed by the outside world as a despot walked graciously into the position of being equal with Donald Trump.  The man could not stop smiling.  Just before going into the one on one, and this is key, Kim said something to the effect of "we have made mistakes from our past prejudices and they are now behind us."  [I looked high and low for the quote or footage before I had to go back to bed because of the pain and could not find it.]

So what the world saw was a gracious man admitting to past mistakes.  Several week ago in Korea he admitted to his people on camera he had failed them on the economic side, but now that is his focus.

Kim and everyone else knew his nuclear weapons were nothing more than a roar to force the U.S. to the table.  Trump tried to convince Kim there would be war and Kim just laughed knowing everyone in the area would oppose war because it would mean the end of both Koreas, part of Japan and part of Southern China. Trump was impotent and Kim knew it.

So now all Kim has to do is play by the "Art of the Deal' and give Trump just enough to keep things going.  I suspect sooner than later the remains of a lot of our soldier will be sent back to the U.S.  This will be a good faith act which families will appreciate.  Trump will slowly lift the sanctions and North Korea will start to see benefits.

The news media as always failed to understand no dictator runs the country.  24/7 he must appease the military.  Kim feared some of the military leaders were not on board with his plans so just weeks ago he got rid of them and replaced them with people he could trust with his vision.

Whether Kim sees it our not, once he opens North Korea to outsiders the "Revolution of Rising Expectations" will kick in and in time the regime as we know it will change.

Kim Jung Un played all of this very well.  Trump was clueless they played him using his own play book.  Imagine the Cowboys have stolen New England's play book for the next game and New England having no idea how the Cowboys know all of their moves.  The difference is Trump published his play book for all to see.

The end result will be good.  The choice now is for Kim to carefully keep Trump happy while he gets what he needs.  If they fail they go back to a Cold War relationship with the U.S. being powerless unless we can infiltrate the military for a coup.


The pain is non-stop.  I do not sleep.  As soon as I start to move around it is like a ton of bricks on my chest.  On Monday I will be assigned my 4th doctor this year.  The last one I saw once. She told me to go off the post bariatric diet to lose weight because the diet actually causes you to gain weight.  We call this the God syndrome.  All of the people who successfully used this diet with or without the surgery have succeeded  My problem is I have peaked on the weight loss and cannot exercise anymore because of the breathing problems.  Her solution was for me to go on a form of the Atkins diet.  Yes it works and I tried it once.  But the science shows it causes other medical problems, including poly neurapathy.

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