Monday, June 4, 2018


Before mom died in 77', I paid for her to go see her mother in Nicaragua in April.  It was good.  In April Jean's daughters took her to Florida for her 95th birthday.  

This morning started bad because I was up all night screaming in paid.  The call came that the family matriarch and every one's mother since mom died in 77', had passed.  I probably have no right to post this, but Jean such as the other family matriarch Betty who is also 95, only knew pure unconditional love.  She lived next door to my brother and sister in law, and just down the block from my sister.  Everyone knew if they could not find me I would be at Jean's having coffee and coffee cake.  She always made me meatballs to bring back.  

Then I had to run out the door for a 2 hour and 45 minutes consult with a chiropractor, who concluded I never should have been referred to her because my condition is so bad, any manipulation of my spine could leave me paralyzed.  She was good.  She understood I was being neglected by the VA and now will take up my cause.

I have been trying to work out the finances to take the 5:15 in the morning to NY.  It is not looking good. I will never touch my retirement.  I thought with 25,000 miles, I can go one way, and then pay for the return.  Normally, 25,000 is enough for a round trip with a three month advance purchase,  Last minute points tickets are really expensive.

I am still working on it.  I have called in a lot of debt and told everyone I need it today, so I can catch the 5:15.

For 40 years since mom died, such as Betty, and my tia Angelita, Jean has been a mother.  

For me family is the center of my world.  I will miss her.

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