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Editors Note:  Before the trolls chime in.  Czar is also spelled Tsar.  Its origin in Caesar.  In German we see the title as Kaiser.  The Czar spelling has become the most common spelling when referring to governmental titles in the U.S.

I held this post until after the TSC election because I did not want it to be an issue.  People like Montoya and his  trolls condemn Brownsville every day for not moving forward and then condemn every idea or business trying to move Brownsville forward, unless he is paid to promote said business.

-The basic idea is every political entity has to make a monthly contribution to maintain the office of Education Czar even if it is as little as $500.  The county and larger cities should take the lead. There should be no private entities with any financial dealing in Cameron County involved.

This is not a remake of United Brownsville.

The Education Czar must understand what Cameron county has to offer in terms of industrial development and know how to promote it.  This person must understand education, manufacturing, and grant writing.  They must be able to work with new and prospective employers to identify their workforce needs.  They must be able to interact with all educational institutions to find a way to accomplish the job training.  For example it is my understanding TSC has the space and is willing to commit it to manufacturing robotics job training.

We do not need a repeat of SATA where they kept their commitment and we did not. They got here, started up and then found out we had no trained workers.  There can never be a repeat of this.


The national legalization of hemp is around the court.  Just this week the Senate voted 89-3 to move the Farm Bill forward which includes legalizing hemp.

The LRGV was made for hemp.  It needs very little water or pesticide.  Our farmers complain all of the time over the water needed to crow cotton.  The industrial uses for hemp are endless.  

Now this is where we need to think as a metroplex and not "my city first."  If we start to train workers, and educate the farmers, we will be ready to be a major hub for hemp production and manufacturing. This has the potential for so many jobs that we need to work as a team to find a company to build a refining plant in one of the rural areas.  This makes sense.  It will be closer to the crops.  When all is said and done there will be plenty of jobs for all of the county.

The Education Czar after identifying the workforce needs, needs to meet with grant writers all over Cameron County to write the grants to bring in the money for job training in hemp manufacturing.  It will mean training in processing.  Such a training facility is better suited in the northern part of the county since that is where the plant should be.  We need workers in hemp manufacturing.  TSC or any number of well established entities could host such job training. This brings more money and jobs to the Southern part of the county.

Hemp manufacturing training will include cross over training for other forms of manufacturing.  The grant writers need to be working as one team  to find  the money.  

The Education Czar needs to be able to promote our potential and all of our job training to major manufacturers.  Trust me there are investors ready to move the second hemp if formally legalized.

From the Senate this week:

"The Senate got off to a resounding bipartisan start to its farm bill debate, voting 89-3 on a procedural motion for the legislation that would maintain the structure of the 2014 farm law while preserving a range of programs that are on the verge of running out of money and legalizing the production of industrial hemp."

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My research on the House Bill is not good.  The House Bill contains provisions which the Senate will never accept.  The House Bill only passed by 2 vote.  The Senate and House leadership want a Bill on the President's desk by the end of the month. The reality is because of the House it could be August or later.  The House needs to better accomodate the Senate which will mean more Democrats voting for the House Bill and less of a need for the neo-conservatives who are the hold up.


One, before the trolls chime in, I am not interested in the position. I would do free consulting work. This person has to know education, manufacturing [I worked as an Industrial Engineer on all 100 B1-B bombers], and public relations.  They need to be able to manage the egos of our elected officials who will be demanding their city comes first.  No, Cameron county comes first.  

There has to be someone who knows education and manufacturing.  Maybe a retired Industrial Engineer professor.  If you cannot talk manufacturing you will never convince investors to come to Cameron County.

I am not only talking about developing the hemp market.  It is just an example where we need to start getting ready now.

We have so much business coming into the port whether you like it or not.  We need to meet with these owners and find out specifically what kind of workers they need and get onto the job training now.  This is where all of the grant writers working their skills together is essential.

With every political entity in Cameron county involved, based on their resources we can raise enough money to run a two person operation to make this work.  Remember every political entity will be working along with the Education Czar.   We need the education Czar and an administrative assistant.  Once it is up and running, we can commit a percentage of the revenue raised by the new jobs to support the office of Education Czar.

For me in the Cameron County Judge Election this is my only issue.  I want to hear from the candidates on the idea of a Cameron county metroplex and an Education Czar.  If you have no vision on these issues, you will not get my support or vote.

We must all put political party affiliation aside and put Cameron county first.

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