Sunday, June 3, 2018


Tomorrow the BV will be back in full force.  I just need one more day of recovery.

The "C" word.  Ted Nuggent uses it to describe Hillary Clinton, and Trump invites him to the White House.  Samantha Bee uses it against Ivanka Trump and Trump demands she be fired.  Rosanne uses a racist tirade and ABC cancels her show and puts 200 people out of work.

Patricia Heaton of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and the "Middle" kept her show after basically calling a woman a slut for wanting to force her health insurance to cover the pill.  The pill in this was part of the woman's cancer treatment.

Politicians and Actors are paying a high price for what appears on Social Media.  

You may not realize it but laws in the EU or other countries are now controlling Social Media in the U.S. although there is no treaty forcing Social Media to comply with the laws of other countries.

But Social Media is telling us the truth about people when they post their own words.  Actors and Politicians should just stay off social media with personal comments.  

Social Media is about to change big time as giants like Google and FB try to comply with the laws of other countries without impacting how social media works in the U.S.  

To answer the trolls - yes Google and FB can ignore the laws of other countries, but then they will be blocked in those countries thereby losing millions and even billions in profits.  So you understand to make those profits they will throw you under the bus and limit your speech.  It is called free market capitalism.

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