Friday, June 29, 2018


On paper Mario is the man for the job.  Two difference articles in the Guardian show is on the same mindset as to how we create a work force as I am.  San Antonio/Toyota is a great success which is studied at the universities.

But the story cannot stop with who he is on paper.  This story with more documents are going to corporate for Toyoya in San Antonio asking them point blank if they have seen similar conduct by Mario at Toyota.  In the end unless he can convince everyone David Betancourt, Jessica Teatreau, and Cesar De Leon duped him, he would end up with no job.

I will make it clear to Toyota what does it say about Toyota that Mario signed a contract with a known racist whose racist rant went international.  It says Toyota will do business with anyone.

One I have all of the paperwork I will file in Austin for a criminal investigation against Mario Lozoya, David Betancourt, Jessica Tetreau, and Cesar De Leon, and possibly Mike Hernandez.  We all know Mike owns all three lock stock an barrel.

Further there is federal court law which makes the vote a legal nullity.  So getting a lawyer to work with me we can file in federal court to void the vote.


On June 27, Mario Lozoya according to the Herald he had not decided if he was going to accept the job.


GBIC votes on hiring executive director

STAFF REPORT | Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 11:28 pm
During a June 26 special meeting, the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corp. voted 3-2 to approve hiring Mario Lozoya as executive director.
Lozoya, who grew up in McAllen, is director of government affairs and external relations for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas in San Antonio. Reached by phone Wednesday, Lozoya said he had not accepted GBIC’s offer yet but is considering it — especially since the job would allow him to return to the Rio Grande Valley and be near family.
A more complete version of this story is available on"
Jerry McHale has obtained the following document dated July 24th two days before the vote to hire Mario Lozoya was even conducted.

So Mario signs a contract two days before the vote with racist Cesar De Leon, And then the day after the vote denies accepting the job.
This is all going to Toyoya demanding they keep their trash in San Antonio because we do not need it.
Had Montoya done a simple piece and his qualification and articles in the Guardian a lot of people would have not anything about it.  But for Mike Hernandez Montoya has to go on the attack against the Cowen family.  There is your tell.  But when see see David Betancourt, Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa and world wide known racist Cesar de Leon voting for the hire you know Mike Hernandez had to support it because all three are owned buy Mike Hernandez.
If Mario had a half of brain he would remove himself from GBIC and tell his bosses at Toyota he was considering the job until he realized how much corruption when into his selection.  If he does not he will find himself without either job.

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