Sunday, June 10, 2018


Before I post his plea for your vote, I need for you to consider something.  The Tecero lawsuit is moving forward and in a bad way.  Judge Hanen found sufficient evidence that the manner in which Tecero was discharged to merit a jury trial.

He also made it clear under Tecero expired signature stamps for Ed Rivera and Kike Rendon to sign off on contract at a time they were not even Trustees.  This merits a full criminal investigation by the FBI because in part we are dealing with federal dollars.

So if TSC has solid cause to discharge her, why according to Judge Hanen is there sufficient evidence to justify a trial as to whether or not the discharge process was a sham?

Someone wanted the truth kept quiet.  It is no secret that Adela Garza when she learned she was not going to play the role of TSC President with Tecero being he lapdog, war was declared.  In a serious of blunders Tercero went ot Ed Rivera, and Kiki Rendon for protection.  Remember these were the trustworthy candidates of Mike Hernandez wherein he spent a fortunate to have them take control of the Port.

No one wants this case to go to trial.  If the truth is told Adela Garza's political career is over.  But the full truth could end any future job in education for Tecero.

Kiki Rendon and Ed Rivera will come out looking real bad.

In JJ DeLeon we will have an independent voice to do what is best for TSC.  They should not settle to protect Adela Garza.  This should go to trial to bring out the full truth.  While a jury may believe the discharge process was a sham they will give nothing to Tecero over the signature stamp issue.

I say let the case be tried, the truth come out and all accountable parties pay the Piper.


Good evening friends, colleagues, and family!

The Runoff dates are as follows:

Early Voting - June 11-19, 2018
Election Day - June 23, 2018

The time is upon us ..... I kindly ask for your consideration to vote for me during the Runoff election in June, and together we can unite to make our vision a reality.

Your vote has successfully positioned me--JJ De Leon -- for TSC Board Place 6. A future that will allow my role as a TSC Board Member Place 6 to initiate a paradigm shift for a positive change. A true empowerment for students’ future possibilities and opportunities is imminent.

Please know I will not just BE a voice for students at TSC, but a working force that strongly believes in the growth and vitality of our community.

Mapping the course for a future that includes plans to heighten TSC in becoming the HUB for every STUDENT with cost effective post-secondary education is my mission. I will strive for students to work within various industries and workforce to create programs in Brownsville that offer students a viable future for job placement and so much more.

My promise to you the voter is clear; my educational background is the foundation to strengthen the TSC Legacy to what it was previously, and spark the belief that together we can be strong.

Today, I ask you to join me in making the future of our community college a lasting Legacy.


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