Wednesday, May 23, 2018


At 7:11 p.m. last night the BV immediately called Alex the winner.  No negativity.  Today the BV recognized him as effectively our new state rep.  The BV called his win a win for the people because it sent a message to incumbents you are not safe.  I then gave him some good advice on what he needs to do next to try and be effective.  If I am already working on two pieces of legislation for 2019, he needs to get his ass to Austin to get in the mix now.  I would hope Gilbert Hinojosa would set him up with a mentor to get him moving faster.

But today despite me being gracious and encouraging he pays his drunk Montoya to lie and say I endorsed Rene.  It never happened.  I specifically said my vote was strategic and was not to be construed as an endorsement because Rene was not fit to hold office.  I trashed Rene with facts at every turn.  I have a 20 year history with Rene and his prickish ways. 


Alex I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and give you time to get educated and ready for January 2019.  You responded by paying your alcoholic propagandist to tell lies by saying I endorse Rene when I did not.

And for the record, Cordova who won  by a big margin was defamed by your alcoholic propagandist.  I came the Cordova's defense with the truth, and he won.  Alex you did not win, Rene lost because he is a prick, drunk, womanizer and all around bad person.


Alex there are already two people who can raise the money needed to defeat you in the next primaries.  More humiliating that Rene's loss would be you losing after one term.  That race is no on.

You just do not accept nice Alex.  I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt and you instead chose to have your paid propagandist alcoholic tell lies about me.

Gloves are off Alex.  I know a lot about Austin, the representatives, and how Bills are written and get on calenders.  You are dead in the water.  You have to be a complete moron to have Zeke Silva and Montoya by your side.  I gave you a chance and instead of trying to heal differences you went on the attack with lies.  Your approach will be condemned in Austin.

If Gilbert Hinojosa has a half of brain he will shun you.


Anonymous said...

The first step Alex should take is dump Zeke. He is a cancer. Just wait. Zeke will expect a high position under his new state rep office. Alex can no longer fly under the radar keeping a convicted felon with a pending second felony DWI employed. Alex will be under a statewide magnifying glass with people ready to jump on any wrong turn. When Alex finally sees the light, he and Zeke will have a falling out then all the praise for Alex on the RRunRRun blog will become quite the opposite.

BobbyWC said...

Exactly what they did to Saenz. Alex it is illegal to have Zeke pay Montoya to be for advocate. You will be dealing with this for two years