Thursday, May 10, 2018


I will be honest, I am very confused.  In what is one of three cases headed to federal court next week, today I gave the Texas Supreme Court one last chance to end their corruption.  I pushed the nuclear button and for a client I used my State Bar Number.  I told them up front what I was doing and that under Grigby v. Coker I remain licensed in Texas.  I am willing to face a criminal complaint.  It will destroy Saenz as the entire leadership of the State Bar is subpoenaed as part of the defense along with the entire Texas Supreme Court.  It is a gamble I willing to take.


They granted the motion a few minutes ago under my SBN, with no comment about me using my SBN.

This court is erratic so it is any one's guess what they will do.


BobbyWC said...

I love the stupidity of the trolls. Hernandez and his lawyer knows every time Montoya mentions my name the post will be part of the federal lawsuit. I have their attention.

Carlos Marin the second he receives the lawsuit will dump Mike Hernandez. Mike's internal organization feeds me information. Their loyalty is to his money and not him.

You seem to not understand I want Montoya to have at it. It will not include the essential facts there are conflicting opinions as to the law on the issue in question. It will not include a copy of the lawsuit wherein nowhere am I mentioned in terms of words published or spoken against Mike Hernandez. If I were to file such a lawsuit against Mike Montoya would be calling for my head, but so long as Mike keeps him in beer.

And please all of his coverage is junk. He attacked me unrelentlessly and tried to get a city employee fired with lies when I published the truth about Carlos Elizondo. But back then Carlos was giving him beer money. So let's deal in facts. The BV broke the story about the true Carlos Elizondo while Montoya defamed and ran cover for him.

The $60,000 I got of of Sanchez because of Montoya was because Montoya was defending all of the bad conduct at BISD especially against the special needs children and in the process crossed the line in attacking me for exposing the truth. He changed sides because the old money ran out and new money now has him beer to join my reporting.

No one reads Montoya for valid stories

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are the owner and editor of your blog. Why do you have to use the comment section of your blog to make your statements? Furthermore, what prove do you have that "No one reads Montoya for valid stories"? For example, the story about the Rivera High School baseball team being denied participation in the UIL playoffs is a valid story. You would have enjoy listening to the Chairman of the UIL committee put down Salazar. Therefore, some constructive criticism, your blog may serve your purpose but it fails to serve this community.

BobbyWC said...

Here is what you fail to understand, no one trusts his stories. The story on the coach may be 100% true along with the emails, which one must question which trustee leaked them, but he constantly lies.

In the one hearing he attended in the Elia Cornejo case with BISD he lied about just about everything which happened. So because I was there I was able to print the truth.

You cannot be known as a pathological liar in your reporting and then claim people believe you. The story may be 100% accurate, but only the trolls will believe it because he has lied so much and continues to lie for beer money.

How do you not understand this.

I have been publishing for years about BISD. I am about to drop another nuclear complaint on the TEA and Department of Education. The teachers are now retaliating against the children who I have been advocating for. This tells me BISD is threatening them. Today one was made to cry because of crude and unprofessional conduct by the teacher. The other told his mother could remove him from school after they had a little party. Why? The principal is a joke, but will keep his job because he will do the dirty work for the administration.

You know what I do not care how much pressure they are putting on the teachers to cover up the mess, you do not take it out on the children. If verified both teachers should be fired.

Bobby WC