Saturday, May 5, 2018


After making 6 fresh All Bran muffins, 3 walnut, three raisin, I took my muffin and coffee outside and started to assemble my new barbecue.

This model is sold by Home Depot online only.  I shop though United Mileage Plus so I got double points at just under 500.  Free plane tickets is the only way to fly.

I have been buying this type barbecue for years.  They last 3-4 years.  I cook outside a lot even in the winter, so they begin to break down fast.


Look at the sequence of the picture.  You will notice between two and three the grill is lower.  I love being able to adjust the height of the heat.  When I smoke meet on one side I have the fire lower and the other side it does not matter because that is the side for the meat without fire.

Google DynoGlo adjustable grill.  You cannot go wrong with this.  Better is two people assemble it, especially if you have problems with your hands from neuropathy.  My hands are always locking up.

Good smoking.

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