Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Corporate America has reached the point that it hires paper and not people. After two weeks of Sears not being able to find anyone in personnel to help a new hire complete the paperwork before they started, the new hire walked away.  It was email after email of sorry, "I was all wrong in what I told you to do."

Spectrum left up to the most incompetent people they could find, the new all digital format. The day I saw the first commercial telling me to go online to order the new boxes for the two of the four TV's in my home without a box, I did. 

That was well over a month ago.  There is no working TV in my family room, or for the outside TV we put outside when we want to relax on the pool deck at night watching TV.  The two main bedrooms have the boxes.

If you call Spectrum no one can tell you anything.  Spectrum knew exactly how many house holds did not have boxes.  Good management could have come very close to estimating how many boxes they needed.

The question now is, as people are left with no TV how many will switch to satellite TV?

Corporate America needs to learn to hire people and not paper.  Corporate America needs a major makeover.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC I started seeing the announcement on digital since over a month ago. I went in person, was given another box with all the essentials and was told that for one yr. I would not be charged for the second box. I was told that Time Warner Cable was going to go to digital process anyway but the buy by Spectrum had delayed the change.
I was treated appropriate and respectful. I followed directions and was able to connect the box with no problem. As an old generation woman, I was amazed how easy it was to connect.
Unfortunately, for what I can read, not everyone was as lucky as I was.

BobbyWC said...

Had I gone to the center like you did I am certain I would be okay. The reality is the TV's which do not work are only for company. I never watch TV in the family room. I keep it on TCM during the day when I am working for background noise.

But the commercial for me was pretty clear. Save the time and effort of going to the center and allow us to mail it to you. I figured they did not want their centers packed, so I chose the mail option over a month ago.

Not the right option.

But Spectrum should have had a plan to make this happen as planned. They agreed to two free boxes for a year. Within the year I will have no boxes, unless they a free. I get a lot for free on my smart TV because I have Amazon and Netflix for free. Once they charge me, I will just keep the internet and end cable. With the smart TV I can watch all of the network shows for free without cable. Their business model will fail. Why should I pay for anything when it is free through my smart TV. Now I do pay, now $125 a year for Amazon Prime, but trust me I save it in free shipping. TMobile Family Plan gives you Netflix for free. I can access the internet and watch CNN, CBS any channel you name it. So what am I paying Spectrum for. As more and more people get a smart TV they will realize cable is a waste of money. Spectrum will kill itself by charging for every box in the house.

Bobby WC
Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Go Roku its 40 bucks a month and its great.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I drove by TWC on Paredes and there was a huge line outside and there was 2 police officers standing in the parking lot. What was that about?

BobbyWC said...

People left without tv because the boxes were not sent. I imagine the police were there for crowd control and angry customers