Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Now to be clear I vote in this one, and I am voting for neither.  But you have to admit it is funny.
[editorial corrections made - sorry - yesterday was bad.  Such as yesterday it feels like my head is gong to explode.  I have minimal use of my left hand.  I am done driving until this is fixed.  I have no recollection of getting from Harlingen to Brownsville yesterday.  My head was pounding and the doctor did not care.  After leaving the building I have no memory until on IH 69 I was about to cross into Mexico, just feet from the last turnaround.  I came home and slept until the electricity went out and I had to stay awake because I could no use my bi-pap.  Today is no better.  I am working with extremely blurred vision.  I will periodically check my writing for corrections and edit again.]

To top it off Montoya out did Dominguez with his Tampon ad with the following:

"(P.S: This week, District 37 voters have an opportunity to help Oliveria stop his binging and perhaps save his life and the life of others who might get in his way when he is drinking and driving. Vote for his opponent, Cameron County Pct. 2 Commissioner Alex Dominguez and bring back sanity to our state representation. Early voting began Monday and ends this Friday. Election Day is Tuesday, May 22. Make your vote count.)"

In the above post Montoya fails to mention he has endless DWI's and Alex Dominguez funds his drinking problem.  He also fails to mention Dominguez's assistant has a felony DWI with trial pending on a second felony DWI.  What boggles my mind is Alex actually believes this reality is lost on people.


Unless there is a major breaking story, the BV will not be posting.  Today, was a bad day.  The VA was a nightmare.  They are not going to continue to help me get ready for the surgery.  So I will make the follow up appointment with the neuro-surgeon and then forward his orders to Washington and all hell will break out again at the VA.  As one nurse said, how at this point do they not understand you will file a complaint in Washington?  The new doctor I saw today was my 3rd this year.  She told me the post bariatric surgery diet makes you gain weight and the protein drink is bad for you.  She refused the pulmonary referral and told me I just had to stay on the stationary bike even though I cannot breath and am falling off after 3-5 minutes.  Then she told me I had to do better with my blood sugar.  I am at 102.  According to my endocrinologist who treats diabetes 102 is a great number.  I am not even close to diabetes.  My PSA doubled, but still within normal limits.  But protocol is when on Androgel if your PSA spikes, even within normal limits you may have to go off the Androgel.  PSA on Androgel is about stability, not an isolated number.  My endocrinologist has explained this over and over again.  No referral back to my endocrinologist.  By the time I got home the pain was so bad, my vision so bad, and my orientation was so bad I had to get in bed.  I slept until the electrical box blew and woke me.  I could not go back to sleep without electricity and the house being an oven.


The picture is from several years ago when she was arrested for domestic abuse.

She is too busy pleasing Mike Hernandez to care about the seniors who need electricity to run their medical devices. We all know the drill, you hear the explosion and the power is out for hours.  Today was over three hours.

The problem is well known to all in the area.  The developer in 77' messed up the original lines.  So when we go long periods without rain the ground moves the lines and we are left without electricity.  Jessica knows the problem.  The BPUB knows the problem. The original lines going to the main boxes in the alley have to be replaced.  The BPUB will not do it and Jessica will do nothing to help.  She is too busy traveling, taking care of Mike Hernandez's needs, and showing off her money and life style to be bothered with her own neighbors who have to leave their homes to breath.

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Misspelling in ad, but content fanstastic.