Tuesday, May 8, 2018


This is at Ft. Hood probably 1982.  I have been fighting for several years now to protect him.  He no longer knows who he is.  When his son called him to tell him his daughter had died from breast cancer, he had no idea who his son or daughter were.  

The abuse and criminal conduct is amazing.  The new federal law protects him, but it takes a lot of work.  When this mess started after I moved a large sum of money from his checking account to his Money Market, in a matter of one day his step daughter went from sending me endless emails thanking me for all of the hard work I did to fix the legal problems on the title to their home and land and getting everything sold, to calling me to tell me she was going to have me put in jail for moving her money.  

Well now I know why.  A bank document shows the step daughter through her mother forging a bank form disinheriting myself and my brother's son, and giving herself all of the money in the checking account. [For the record, I have an email from the assistant director of the nursing home that my brother refused to do as I asked to only name his son.  He feared his wife would force him to remove the name of his son if his son was the only one named.  I have an email wherein I immediately notified his son, that if his dad passed second, all of the money was his.  I would not collect on it and ask the bank to give him all of the money.]   When I moved the money her stolen inheritance was gone.  What really confused me was she could have just moved it back, but my brother was clear he wanted the money in the interest paying money market.

This bitch is so bad, she took the mother's social security and a retirement account in violation of a court order, and then failed to pay the mother's phone bill.  She then told the phone company I was responsible for her mother's bills and the phone company put me into  collections and placed it on my credit report.  I found out when I checked my credit report because my score had dropped.  And there it was. 

The step daughter is now broke because like Mike Hernandez she hired the type attorney who will sue god for you for making you stupid.  Her attorney is so sick he can no longer represent her and she has no money so no one will represent her.  I have a claim against the estate of her mother and she has no attorney or money to hire one.

But I am still out there spending money left and right.  It is exhausting.  

I am sure next week or so when the story breaks I am asking a federal judge to remove Governor Abbott and Chief Justice Nathan Hecht from the Office of Court Administration which oversees the guardianship program and to appoint a master, Montoya will print an article it is all frivolous and how I terrorized the DOJ under the new law to investigate .  Facts will have no place in his article.  Just the bought and paid for lies ordered by Mike Hernandez. 

I am determined to get him to what he can now afford is a $20,000 a month nursing home in Houston near his son, and under the care of the best specialist at M.D. Anderson for what he has.

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