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UPDATE:  Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I have a nice post for the day and I do not want to taint it with politics.

After I posted this I got the letter I was waiting for from the State Bar.  They are a criminal enterprise.  The found the fact Mike Hernandez's attorney never once attributed any comment by me either written or spoken is not evidence of unethical conduct.  What Mike and his dumb ass drunk do not understand is, most of what I do is to collect evidence.

In my case the case they found to be  frivolous settled for $25,000.  The defendant, her attorneys and the insurance company which paid the settlement did not file a complaint against me.  The complaint was filed by the mediator, a violation of the professional rules of mediators, claiming because we did not settle with his help the case was frivolous.  By the time he filed we settled the case.  The State Bar found no wrong doing with him breaching the rules concerning mediation, no wrong doing for when he sued me for filing with the court the claim he told my client to give up because all of the judges were corrupt.  I can call someone a fornicator of goats knowing it is false but so long as it is in a pleading, and have absolute immunity. So his lawsuit against me which was dismissed was on its face frivolous.  The State Bar as a matter of law had no authority to attack a settlement agreement.  So no one in the lawsuit every claimed it was frivolous, but the State Bar intervened anyway and found the settled case frivolous.

Now it is not frivolous for a lawyer to sue someone for defamation without so much as attributing one statement to the person being sued.

I knew they would do this.  I am doing the appeal and it will be pending as the Texas Supreme Court is defending the finding in federal court.

I am practicing before the Texas Supreme Court under my State Bar Number.  They know my argument, said nothing and waived certain rules to allow me to proceed on an emergency basis for my brother.

So now Mike Hernandez, which was my set up, gets sued with the State Bar along with his attorney in federal court with me asking the federal courts assign a master to oversee the State Bar which is controlled by the Texas Supreme Court.  Another motion for sanctions against Mike will be filed Tuesday including Montoya's further defamation at Mike Hernandez's instruction.


Certifiably delusional is the only way to describe Mike Hernandez.  He promotes the alcoholism of Montoya without a concern in the world if he kills someone.  

For the record my family has been involved in politics in Brownsville since 1939.  My father was a major union organizer while he worked for Pan Am.  My sister Caroline never left and married locally in 1946.  She and her husband were intimate friends with Judges Garza and Vela.  He was friends with Oliveira and Lucio's parents.  I have heard many stories of the hunting trips and politics when the all would hook up at a well know ranch in Willacy county I believe. 

Since before my 14 years ago when I moved here, although I had been coming here since 1962, and then on a regular basis since 1976, when I moved to Texas, I have many letters published in the Herald advocating for Brownsville.  My letters calling for changes in and aid for Brownsville appears in letters to the editor all of the state.  For some 20 years I have been advocating for hemp in the LRGV.  That is a sad one because the process is about to be made a lot easier in a few weeks and our inept leaders are doing nothing to promote hemp production.  In fact today I bought three nice hemp dress shirts which go with dress shorts.  I but a lot of hemp products.  

While my family was actually working to make Brownsville a better place, Montoya's was using out houses in Mexico.  So let's be real.

People keep on saying he does not own a car.  He does. One day at Walmart I got the VIN number and ran it.  It showed to belong to a women in LA.  I never called her.  I did call a number to inform her she needed to insure the title was changed to Montoya's name.  It was her daughter I called.  

I was done.  Then the owner calls me and says she is going to have her son in law enforcement come after me.  I never called her.  It turns out her son works for the Sheriff Lucio and he had an investigator call me to accuse me of harassing her by calling her.  I reminded the idiot that phone bills show incoming and outgoing calls and I was more then willing to email to him right then and now my real time bill to show she called me and I never called her.  I demanded she be charged with filing a false police report.  He refused and the call ended.  Why is Montoya Mike so worried about where his car came from? Did you get it for him and fail to properly register it?

A note to someone who sort of defended me on Montoya's blog.  You are 100% correct, many times my posts are obnoxious, but helpful.  I do not like it.  And I welcome any help in making them less obnoxious.  Your comment is spot on.


The above written statement which finds no evidence of mental illness written by the psychiatrist appointed by the corrupt and removed from the bench Mark Nancarrow, proves  Montoya lied in his post this morning.

Montoya is aware of this report which he got when he got the original file, and which I have posted many times, but he never discloses.  It is defamation per se.

Mike Hernandez and Carlos Marin it is going into the federal lawsuit.  

Mike Hernandez is angry and feeling the pressure.  So he promotes this garbage.

Montoya and Hernandez are angry about the investigation concerning laundering of campaign money.  An investigation is not a finding.  What you see in Montoya's post is desperation.  He is so delusional he thinks the investigators are going to ignore the documents and drop the investigation.

The funny thing is when I got the ding to check Montoya's post I was writing a letter to Mike's lawyer on how to insure Erasmo Castro is removed from the ballot, leaving Cesar Lopez with no opponent.

You have now lost that favor Micky boy.

As to the post I was going to do to help Dominguez respond to Oliveira's claims that is now not going to happen.  Alex thanks Montoya and Mike Hernandez.


It is beyond surreal, first McHale calls Montoya a liar and then posts his articles as credible.  Duardo has been on the attack against McHale, and it appears McHale has reached his limits.

Some might say the following from McHale  a veiled threat.  But then maybe not.

""But where was DP-M? I thought he was going to attend tonight and autograph his novels. I'm disappointed. I [not sure who I is, but McHale it is Carlos Cascos' brother] was going to invite him to dinner in Matamoros. I have some friends who would very much like to meet him. They're serious guys."

Until the good people of Brownsville stop reading the bought and paid for garbage coming from Montoya and McHale, expect nothing to change.  Neither has ever proposed meaningful change and how to go about it  It is always bought and paid for attacks and fake non-existent polls.

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BobbyWC said...

Really troll, since you claim the finding by the psychiatrist does not exist, which is the proof Montoya is lying go post your lies on his blog where trolls always get through with their lies.

Now how about talking about why Montoya does not tell you the outcome of the motion?

Yea that does not fit a trolls agenda.

And do not interupt my cooking of rib eyes again with another moronic post. I have company and I need to get the rib eyes done. We are also having a really nice mixed salad with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and other mixings, along with grilled asperagus.

Bobby WC

Bobby WC