Monday, May 7, 2018


To address the trolls attacking me a complaint does not remove someone from office.  A criminal charge does not remove someone from office.  But an investigation decides bad bookkeeping or criminal intent to hide a secret conduit of campaign money not reported.  

If it happened in the Port Election it will not be the first time.  The linked player is Montoya.  We have sworn testimony, fake ads, and endless propaganda by Montoya for which campaign reports show no payment to him.  We have emails wherein possible players admit to using a conduit  to move money to support campaigns without the candidate having to report the donation.

Montoya and his trolls attacked me and tried to discredit me when I tried to expose the harvesting of the mail ballots on the Peña/Hernandez race.  Peña was worthless in how he handled the matter. It was me who forward the testimony to the criminal section of the AG Margarita Ozuna stole a mail ballot.  She was indicted.  Since the announcement of her indictment there as not been one case of tampering with mail ballots in Brownsville or in a Cameron county race.  Key is since the announcement of her indictment.  There were a few while she was being investigated.

The BND will never do its job and call for the investigation.  Saenz will do absolutely nothing. 

I am using my resources in Austin to force the question.  The evidence will be sent this week.  The BV will go silent on the issue until there is a result on the investigation.  Like all other elected officials those at the BND will turn a blind eye to the problem. This silence by elected officials when they know others have done something wrong is why the corruption never ends. This is  why BISD is the mess it is in.  In the same way we ended the harvesting of mail ballot problems, we will end the laundering of campaign money.

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