Saturday, May 5, 2018


The BV will have live returns.  The elections office will be posting the returns here.  Based on past elections we should be able to call most races before 7:30 p.m.  

If we have a clear winner from the early voting, the name will be highlighed in Blue.


JOHN WOOD  2311 8/18 Precincts  2661;  11/20 Precincts Reporting 2875; 15/18 Reporting 3101; 18/18 Reporting  3158   THE WINNER

John won and a win is a win, but there is still an LNG warning here,  John should have won by a bigger margin.

CESAR LOPEZ 2307 8/18 Precincts 2551; 11/20 Precincts Reporting 2745; 15/18 Reporting 2864; 18/18 Reporting 2896

This will come down to election day voting

This was a shocker race.  John Wood got lucky that Cesar Lopez has such a bad reputation.  But he needs to consider if the people are sending a message on LNG.  LNG is the only explanation for such a close race.  Javier Vera was seen as too close to the Port by the Anti-LNG people and it cost him.  

JAVIER VERA 1727 8/18 Precincts reporting 1978; 11/18 Reporting 2143; 15/18 Reporting 18/18 Reporting   2335

STEVE GUERRA winner 2159 8/18 Precincts reporting 2393; 11/18 reporting 2561; 15/18 Reporting' 18/18 Reporting 2710

PATRICK ANDERSON 712 8/18 Precincts Reporting 824; 11/18 Reporting 899; 15/18 Reporting' 18/18 Reporting 990



There will be a runoff between Dr. Garcia and JJ Leon

DR. REY GARCIA 1772 8/20 Precincts Reporting 1990; 12/20 reporting 2131; 20/20 Reporting 2312

JJ LEON 1641  8/20 Precincts Reporting 1851; 12/20 Reporting 2038; 20/20 Reporting 2258

CARLOS RIOS 1481  8/20 Precincts Reporting 1673; 12/20 Reporting 1818; 20/20 Reporting 1971

Dr. Garcia cannot make up the difference in the run off, so I will predict in June JJ Leon will win.



The Wood Lopez numbers are a shocker.  I think a lot of people associate Wood with LNG and the fight with Carlos Cascos when he ran for County Judge.  LNG seems to be a problem for voters.  While I understand the jobs issue and why they voted for LNG, I still opposed it.  It may cost Wood the election, which would be a precursor to the Cascos/Treviño race.  I think people underestimated the LNG issue.  This will go into the night a bit.  I guess the endless months and posts by Montoya against Cesar Lopez were dismissed by the voters.  The problem is the Herald and news stations refuse to cover BISD.

There is no shocker with the Dr. Garcia,  JJ Leon run off.

As to Steve Guerra most people I know predicted his win.  He had a machine working for him.  Nothing wrong with machines and it is a fair win.  Congratulations to Steve Guerra. The campaign finance report problem remain.  The question is will we see leadership from the post calling for an investigation. I predict - no. If there was laundering of campaign money it will now become the new way to steal elections.  It would serve Steve Guerra is there is an investigation and all that is found is really bad bookkeeping.

Only the BND can ask the AG Criminal Section and Texas Ethics Commission for a laundering of campaign money investigation.  And I am certain they will not show that kind of leadership.


They will have no influence at the Port.  With only one of his puppets winning, he has nothing.


In the TSC matter a lot of people were angry with me when I said Dr. Garcia did not breach any fiduciary duty.  This is the problem with our elected officials.  Even if they believe something is profoundly wrong they are too cowardly to speak out.  A Dr. Garcia at the COB and the BISD would mean better government  Just because it was found his claims were unsubstantiated does not mean he was wrong.  Now I voted for JJ DeLeon because Dr. Garcia has become an obstacle to TSC moving forward.  

Now if the BND Commissioners fail to call for a formal investigation of laundering of campaign finances by Steve Guerra's campaign they are breaching their fiduciary duty.  It is very well possible Steve Guerra just did not care to get his report right or to fix it once it was brought to his attention.  I know enough to know had I filed a complaint it would have been less than a slap on the hand so what was the point.

Only the Port Commissioners can ask for the AG or Texas Ethics Commission to investigate the laundering of campaign money.

Their counsel can email me and I will send them what I have.  It goes beyond this one election which raises questions on this issue.  There is clear evidence of money being passed under the table in other elections.  This has to stop.  If the BND Board fails to ask for the investigation they will be in breach of their fiduciary duties, and complicit in making the laundering of campaign finance money the new norm in our elections.

But then again it could be Steve Guerra is a bad bookkeeper and too arrogant to care to fix the problem.

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