Friday, May 4, 2018

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There are very good honest people developing downtown.  I read about this on McHale's FB page.  The owner or maybe co owner is Trey Mendez who has used his money to restore several buildings downtown. So as to not only highlight Trey, mind you there are a lot of really good people like Trey investing in Brownsville.  I do not care who you are so long as it is not a dive for drunks, drugs, and whores, the BV will promote you as one of Brownsville's finest.

Thank you to all of the developers changing downtown for the better. But I can also tell you my side of town is developing fast.  If HEB does not bring in another grocery store someone else will.  I like HEB a lot.  They are good community people.  But I really want a Fiesta because they have a lot of Central American food products.

Check out the FB page

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