Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I find it odd that other social media is saying the opposite of what this reporter is stating the BISD police told them.  Now why would BISD police confirm a different story for a blogger, than they did for KRGV?

What I can say and cannot say has my hands tied.  Probably over a month ago I reported that on behalf of a parent we were asking for the indictment of specific people in the administration and special services.  The BISD Board were given a deadline to take action based on the falsified documents.  They ignored me and I pulled the trigger.

The next thing reported in statewide news media is the federal Department of Education is overseeing the TEA for endless violations of federal law concerning special needs.  One specific issue is how the TEA was authorizing schools to ignore children with dyslexia unless they had at least one other disability.  That was our issue.

The Department of Education was informed of the TEA's finding that BISD was doing nothing wrong.  This was in direct conflict with an agreement the TEA had already had with the Department of Education.  I was told to file for a reconsideration - over a month ago.  The matter remains with the TEA and Department of Education.

In the reconsideration I documented the fear of retaliation by the BISD Administration if the teachers and principals did not play along.  Then we learn TEA Regional Office assigns someone to take the complaints on retaliation.

Click above to see it.  The embed is not working. All I have done is summarize my stories to date and nothing more.  My hands are tied.  But this video is very telling as to how scared BISD and the Board Members are running.

BISD wants you to believe US Marshals just show up for no reason.  They deny knowledge of which building they visited.  They deny they were there concerning any district employee.  I believe this is what the reporter was told.  So this makes me question if Montoya's story is just a bunch of made up shit put into the story based on what is probably a valid assumption.  

Okay BISD, U.S. Marshals do not show up for a hello how are you doing meeting.  So we know based on a fair assumption, and note how I am telling you this is an assumption and not verified fact, the BISD is lying when they say they do not know  which building was visited, and that no district employees were involved.  The statement that U.S. Marshals would inform personnel before executing a warrant on an employee is ludicrous.  This is not how U.S. marshals work.  "hey guys at  10 a.m. we will be at BISD to arrest so and so on staff. " If the warrant includes a search warrant, the last thing you do is give BISD a heads up.

The bottom line is this video is very telling as  to how BISD is on the run.

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