Sunday, May 13, 2018


As everyone knows family is my addiction, oh and Halloween - both so much better than beer.

Angelita is my mother's older sister, and Tilly is my cousins late mother in law.  These two were a walking comedy show.  When together watch out.  You never knew what the would do.

Think about it a Nicaraguan Catholic becoming like a sister to a Russian Jew.  They are a symbol of the best of this country.

Many do not know but once at a family function Angelita and Tilly got a tray of jello shots.  Needless to say they were taken away before they got out of control.  They were so so funny together.  And while I adore Angelita, it was Tilly with her endless history lessons of Russia and in particular the discrimination against Russian Jews that lead to me become a Soviet Analyst and Russian History buff.  I did 4 years college Russian, and 48 weeks at the defense language institute studying Russian. 

I had not seen Tilly for years and out of nowhere she recognizes me at the wedding.  It is a great memory for me.  Think about the magic of these two.  A Catholic from Nicarguan and a first generation US America who was a Russian Jew.  They were gal pals and stand as a symbol of who we should be as a nation.

Two great and wonderful mothers who only knew unconditional love.

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