Wednesday, May 16, 2018



I do have a medication which handles most of my neurological issues,  The problem is, it is highly toxic to the liver and has major side effects.  I use it only when I have no choice.  I am at the no choice point.  I will be pulling an all nighter to meet a 9:30 a.m. deadline.

My BPUB bill due June 1, is $226.00.  I have a 2000 squ ft home and the pool pump runs 10 hours a day.  The bill which was due June 1, 2017, was $257.00.  On June 1, 2016, I paid $293. In 2015, I paid $288.  The change from last year is due to the energy efficiency I had installed in the attack.  I think back  to 2011, when I bought the house and before I started the energy efficiency process I was paying near or over $500.00 a month, and this was before the major rate increase.  The key is with every year of savings you have to reinvest the money for more energy and water efficiency.


Unlike Montoya, Barton, and McHale I do not accuse judges of unethical conduct and then coward when it comes to filing a complaint.  If you believe there has been a violation by a judge show some balls Barton, Montoya and McHale and file the complaint instead of just posting lies such as you did against Judge Sanchez.

After about a month of reviewing the complaint the formal investigation was commenced today.  I am certain she is no longer friends with Mike Hernandez or his attorney Frank Hill.  This is going to play in the Fort Worth press.

We all know Montoya's response.  With no access to the complaint or documents he will call it terrorism against the judge, but Montoya outright lying about Judge Sanchez so as to influence an election is not terrorizing judicial candidates.  For that stunt Carlos Masso proved he is running scared and will promote any lie needed to win.  By the way Carlos that is a violation of the rules of Judicial Conduct.

Now I admit I will lose the the complaint.  The evidence is solid.  After endless filings and calls to set my motions for hearing she refused.  This is a black and white violation of the rules of professional conduct.  One rule is a judge should not show bias during the proceedings.

But here is the kicker the Commission invented their own rule to protect the judges which says they cannot investigate judges for violations during the process of litigation.  SAY WHAT?  Well if you can prove a judge is showing outright violation of the rules concerning bias during the proceedings, you cannot get a violation because the bias occurred during the proceedings.

The Commission is a joke.  But it will play in the press of Fort Worth because of the Free Speech issue.


Again to be clear, in my opinion neither Oliveira nor Dominguez are qualified to represent us, so I am voting a blank ballot on this one.

The last sentence in white "Rene has made some mistakes.  Like us, he's human."  Voters do not like holier than thou people like Dominguez, especially his financial support for convicted drunks and then calling out Rene for one DWI.

Alex's problem is not a mistake when it comes to funding drunks who can kill your children, it is a campaign choice to run a dirty non substantative campaign.  This is sad because any competent candidate could have run a very good substantive campaign and left Oliveira in the dust.  But then that would have required Dominguez to actually know something about his district and its people.


Anonymous said...

Why won't you speak to your assertion that giving and alcoholic a paid job is enabling the drinking? Discuss the alternatives. Should they be hospitalized long-term, jailed long-term, should they be housed in a sheltered (protective) living environment? If employed should an ad litem or some sort of guardian be appointed to manage their earned resources to ensure that nothing will be spent on drugs or alcohol? Should an alcoholic be fired when it comes to the employers attention that they are an alcoholic even if there has been no drinking or alcohol related issues in the work place? This is a door you have opened many times. It is time you addressed it or stop making the claim that an alcoholic's employer is an enabler.

BobbyWC said...

There is a difference between a private employer getting involved, which BTW people are fired for this all of the time, and someone knowingly giving money to an alcoholic to prints you lies and propaganda.

But I will go with the DA in Harris county. Those enabling him will be indicted if he hurts someone.

It is funny when Montoya flips it and asks about how Rene is going to kill people because of his drinking, and you have nothing to say.

Bobby WC