Saturday, April 14, 2018


Because I am energized, I have been working until 4-5 in the morning and getting up at 8.  I feel amazing.  I was going to make bran muffins this morning but when I got up my roommate already had the coffee done with Opa sausage and egg.

This picture is with my sister's mother in law.  Betty is pure unconditional love.  She is 95 and still getting around with her walker.

This picture has to be old because I still have hair and it is not white.  I got it in the mail from my sister yesterday.  As a family thing we have been exchanging pictures.

My best B-Day present in March is when we drove out to her home and spent about an hour.  Her daughter in laws make her three meals a day and each go over twice a week to bring the meals.  Family.


I am not watching the news on Syria,  I know all I need to know, we bombed and Russia is impotent to respond.  Move on to family.

The weather is iffy, but if it clears Brownsville Parks services has installed a lot of new equipment including exercise equipment.  Whether it is Dean Porter or Morningside, two parks we use, they are always packed.  The kids love fishing in the resaca and just the park and its equipment in general  They are off of their electronics and getting sun and exercise.

McHale and I do not agree on much, and I hate changing history, the name Brownsville has a lot of historical significance, but maybe instead of changing the name of the city we can give it a nick name and promote it.  We have hands down the best weather in the U.S.  We can use more, but Brownsville has so much to do outside, you can always stay busy.


I woke up whistling this, which means I will have a good day.  I got the shock going in the pool.  I will sweep it next and then work on the patio.  I have a big function tomorrow so I need to get the pool and deck area ready.  At noon a 12 hour brisket goes on.  I will put the outside pool deck TV out so I can watch TCM while working in the backyard.  Also the palms in the front need trimming.

Guys get away from the politics.  Go have family time, get yourself and your kids outside.  I have plenty of work they can do at my house.


Anonymous said...

"You have until Friday to call for a special meeting by Tuesday April 17, 2018, to remove Desesperanza Zendejas, Baltazar Salazar, and Sandra Rodriguez. Each Trustee is to email me their support for or against the meeting. Anyone who does not support the meeting will be named in the federal lawsuit as part of the problem."

Today is Saturday the day after Friday. So, what happened? What actions did you take? Who responded to your request? Your readers want to know.

BobbyWC said...

I'm not going to publish confidential communications. But on Monday everything goes to the federal oversight people to show that the TEA lied to them about the reforms. This will get back to BISD. A lawsuit has to wait for the TEA at this point. But it is coming. When it does no Trustee will have a defense.

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

WOW! Mr. BWC, Just want to CONGRATULATE YOU. That picture of you with the lady, you look AMAZING!!
Discipline, effort, DO wonders. Keep it up!!

BobbyWC said...

I'm down to 235 from 280. Very slow but steady