Thursday, April 5, 2018


Blogging and journalism is no different.  CNN playing the victim of Fox has gotten pathetic.  There is real news out there to report, but they are obsessed with Fox and Trump and the real news goes unreported.

If you cannot find news in the LRGV to report that you must aways be settling the score with someone then you are many things but a journalist is not one of them.

Now fair enough some may say my issue with Mike Hernandez is settling a score.  No, I have offered him an out so many many times.  He is obsessed with silencing all speech to get what he wants and that is a story.  It is not some petty name scoring.  He can stop that part of the story any day, but he chooses to keep it going.


We must one at a time end the political machines.  We held the Betancourts, we damaged Team Saenz big time, and now it is time to damage Mike Hernandez's con team.  Why? because Cameron County and Brownsville are filled with highly qualified people who will serve the people but cannot because of these machines.  The goal is to open the door to more independent voices and give them a chance to be heard without having to kiss the rings of the likes of the Betancourts, Saenz or Hernandez.  After these next elections as the political machines for the next municipal elections come about, those machines will be targeted.  The goal will be to bring out more independent candidates tied to no one but the people.


If you are a fan or even of Big Brother the contestants who focus on " I need to get so and so out because they annoy me," never ever win. Strategy and making every move as if it is a chess came for life or death is how you play.

In these machines are penumbral characters, such as Sanchez who is old reliable to make Hernandez look bad.

It is not random, it is strategy.  Mike Hernandez and Luis Saenz are not happy.  As has been said many times in the movies, "It is time to take down the machines, and return human order."

I have been asked to organize a quiet group.  This is the deal.  You will have to come recommended by someone I trust to get in, and you will have to help raise money quietly.  These groups can never be public because the enemy will infiltrate and destroy.  We shall see what happens.

Those I trust know who you are, it is time we start to organize as a group and raise the money we need to end the machines and bring back individual humans as the best candidates.

My hope is the May 2019, municipal elections are open to as many independent voices as possible, with no hope for a machine to win.


Anonymous said...

A secret cabal to control politics. That doesn't set of any alarms at all.

BobbyWC said...

Except for the fact the goal is to encourage everyone to run, and use the resources to create a candidate booklet for all independent candidates for the voters to review. One resource to promote potentionally 20-30 candidates at no cost to the candidate. The only requirement will be you are not part of a money machine. The goal is to make the playing field equal. You would not want that would you.

And for the record the BV is the only blog to ever create a candidate link for all candidates which had their mailers, FB and Web pages. It was free to all and a resource for the voters.

That is the goal.

Bobby WC


Bobby WC