Wednesday, April 18, 2018


First Mike your flashing sign on the highway is moving so fast it cannot be read.  More wasted money.  Mike your lack of understanding of the political process and the people is almost surreal.  No Mike money cannot buy the people, only people willing to take your money and drunks.

I've decided to not include Mike's picture because it would demean Barbara Bush.  People did not know that George and Barbara after leaving the White House raised over one billion dollars for charity.  They took out no ads saying look at what I am doing I am giving out but spray, vote for me to take over the Port and TSC.  No they did their fundraising with dignity how Joshua aka Jesus taught them to as none hypocrites.  

Barbara actually used the money to promote literacy whereas Mike had done nothing to tackle the literacy problem in Brownsville.  We did not need a new GED program, we need a GED program which targets those who cannot pass it.

I work every day with one adult or another wherein they have to pay for the online GED program.  This way as I prepare them I can help them work around their learning differences so they have a fighting chance to pass the GED.  Technical training schools will not accept them because they do not have GEDs.  Because I am on the front line of this battle, and not trying to buy influence for personal power, I know why so many people are unemployed or underemployed. Believe it or not Brownsville has a lot of unfilled jobs because of a lack of trained workers, or workers with at least a GED.  

If we would just get serious about the GED program we could lower the unemployment rate in Brownsville.  There are politicos who get this, none at BISD BTW, but who cannot muster the 4 needed votes.

Cameron county should  take this on as the "GED Initiative for the Learning Challenged."  But they will not because the county does not care.

The Texas Workforce Commission does not provide the same free training in the LRGV as it does in the dominantly white communities elsewhere in the state.  I have to people I helped get OSHA certified in forklifts.  They had to pay the $60 to get the certificate. But watching a video and answering some questions does not make you a safe user.  They have nowhere to go for practice.  Elsewhere in the state the Workforce Commission provides this service, but not here.

I have not heard a word from Dominguez or Oliviera on any education or job training issues, which is why neither will be my vote.  I get a vote in this one. 

God this sickens me.  Send a message to Dominguez and Oliviera and just do not vote in that election.

Can anyone tell me anything Eddie TreviƱo or Carlos Cascos has said on any of these issues?  Nope because they know nothing about them and do not care about helping the underemployed pull themselves up.  These people are working with me and paying on line for GED prep and OSHA certificates to drive forklifts and it still will not be enough because of discrimination in the work place, and ignorant management.

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