Monday, April 16, 2018


Everyone had a good time.  There were a lot of kids.  My roommate's family had his birthday here.  The brisket was so tender, it was almost gelatinous.  You could not pick up the meat with a fork without it falling apart.

Unfortunately, after about an hour I loss use of my legs in the pool and had to spend the rest of the night just sitting.  The pain would not go away.  I was up at 3 a.m. and then 5 a.m.  If Brownsville had a hospital I would have called for an ambulance.  I was screaming in horrible pain. My feet and legs were one massive cramp.  

The neuropathy I am told has begun to spread to the internal organs causing additional problems.  It also causes me to be could cold.  For me the pool is like ice, but my guests said is was not.  This morning I had to put on double heat socks, and double sweat pants and shirt. 

So basically my day was lost.  The good news is my weight loss is on schedule for the surgery.

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