Sunday, April 29, 2018


I find newspaper political ads basically of very little value.  But Alex Dominguez continues to show he has no idea how to run an ad, or even who is audience is.  He has put forth not one idea as to how things will be better under him.  Job training is a major problem in our area.  Not a word on this key issue from Dominquez or Oliveira, or Oliveira for that matter.


He is oblivious as to who reads the Herald.  It is not young people, and I suspect most of their readers are over 40 or even 50.  Many subscribe over tradition and never even look at it, or if they do they just look at the headlines to see if the story interests them.

I have said this same thing about many ads and the truth remains the truth regardless of who is running the ads. Cluttered ads are not seen or read.  Alex Dominguez's ad this morning is like a hoarder's home impossible to discern any thing.  It appears to be all negative with not one idea as to how to make the life of the constituents better.  I literally could not get through the ad.

You see Alex, older people have problems focusing on hoarder ads. They are not going to look at it. Also all of the polls show people are tired of the negativity.  With all the endless negativity against Trump his positive numbers are going up.  


Rene had two uplifting positive ads.  They did contain empty political platitudes - so in the end other than being readable and positive, the ads did nothing to inform.


Both had positive ads about the Port and its growth.  This is what people want to hear.


He bought one of those small stickers the Herald places on the front page.  It was a platitude small statement with nothing to offer.


If anyone had an ad, I did not see it, same for Steve Guerra in the Port Election.  They could have been there but they would have been so small, my old eyes missed them.


There is one particular troll who insists I am protecting Oliveira and if I would just take his advice I would have the best blog on the planet.  The comments are not getting through.  I challenged him to copy and paste his claims against me based on my writings and of course he could not.

I refuse to do a legal analysis based on a Herald edited police press release.  Doing an analysis on edited information is reckless.

But what is really funny the trolls are missing key parts of the edited press release.  They claim Rene is married.  They claim he was detained at his home and not the scene.  They claim the victim had his business card which is how they identified him.  Rene claims he gave his business card to the victim.  There is no claim of injury anywhere by anyone, but if you believe the trolls the funerals are today.

There is more to this story which could hurt Rene or help him.  His only smart move is to plead guilty this week and be done with it.  He should make it clear he has ordered his insurance company to pay for all repairs and a rental.

If the passenger was injured, the police report will show they were transported to the hospital.  How about let's getting facts before we allow the trolls to publish endless disinformation.

One troll asked in typical fashion about the bond, because they are too lazy to read the story in the Herald.  Bond was $2,500.  Now Ben Neece with Montoya having previous DWI's gave Montoya a PR bond on the new DWI.  Now remember in the course of about a year Montoya got three DWI's.  Standard practice is, when you have a pending DWI and you get another one, your bond is pulled and a higher one is set, in addition to additional restrictions being put on you while driving.  On DWI two Ben Neece refused to pull Montoya's PR bond and gave him another.  On the third DWI Ben Neece refused to pull the two previous PR bonds and gave him yet another one.

So why is the troll not asking about Montoya's privileges from Ben Neece, while allowing people  to believe Oliveira got privilege on his bond at $2,500?  I can assure you in Dallas  a new DWI while you have two pending would have resulted in no bond, and the third one being charged as a felony.  Ben Neece covered it all up for Montoya.

Montoya says nothing about all of the privilege Zeke Silva is getting on his 2nd felony DWI charge [still innocent until proven guilty] .  The online system does not say the amount of the bond.  I will look at the hard copies on Monday to compare Zeke Silva's bond for a second felony DWI vs. Oliveira's misdemeanor DWI bond.

To be clear Cameron County is terrible in how it handles DWI's.  DA Saenz and the magistrates basically encourage DWI's.  In Dallas if you plead guilty or no contest you will take the conviction.  There will be no lesser included offense.  And you will have to take all of the requisite courses.  I support this for everyone.

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