Saturday, April 28, 2018


Because Montoya knows nothing about journalism, his story fails to tell you Oliviera is innocent until proven guilty.  This is journalism 101.

I really did not want to do this story because it is already out there, but the claim will come I am covering for Rene.  For a long time I have made it clear there is no chance in hell I would ever vote for him, so such a claim is false.

The story is 100% newsworthy, but in this case the motivations is 100% political gamesmanship by Montoya and Alex Dominguez. The political gamesmanship does not take away from the fact the story is very newsworthy.


In November 2016, Alex Dominguez's administrative assistant Zeke Silva was arrested for his second felony DWI.  He was indicted formally in March 2017. Since then he has been granted one continuance after another.  Saenz just goes along.  If you think this is not privilege you know nothing about privilege.

In the latest continuance the trial was delayed until May 21, 2018, so it will not influence early voting.

If this were Ernie Hernandez's administrative assistant Montoya would be yelling from roof tops daily about the corruption and favoritism.  But it is not, it is Alex Dominguez's administrative assistant so he gets a pass, and the corruption continues.

The privilege being given to Zeke Silva does not take away from the newsworthiness of the Oliviera alleged arrest.  I will say a source who would know confirmed same on the phone for me a few minutes ago.


Rene should flip the story against Alex Dominguez by having his lawyer get the case set next week for a plea bargain and just plead guilty and put it behind him.  Rene then gets to say, a responsible and respectful elected official accepts responsibility for his actions.  So why is Alex Dominguez helping his administrative assistant Zeke Silva avoid his trial for a year and a half?

The story will then become about Alex Dominguez and the privilege Zeke Silva is receiving, while Rene has the issue behind him.


Anonymous said...

Have you notice that your blog has very few comments on your posted articles. Why is that? Most of the comments that appear are those that you comment yourself. Why have a comment section if you are not going to allow the opinion of other to appear? As per the posted article on the state legislator, do you condone his behavior of driving while intoxicated? If the gentleman did wrong in his actions, why use the technique use by our present President of blaming others for their actions in order to cover up such inappropriate behavior? If you respect the opinion of others in your blog, please answer the questions in a proper manner without name calling (another technique often use by our Executive leader). Your readers will surely appreciate your opinion more and you would do a greater service to this community.

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is pure BS. The trolls do not get published on the BV. Do I condone his conduct? Where did I say that? I said if it is true he should plead guilty right away. That is not condoning it.

I repeatey said the story is very newsworthy. You just lie in hopes people will believe the lies of a troll.

I have made it clear over and over again and even here I do not support him.

I simply raised to double standard by Dominguez and Montoya and that is really what has you mad. Do you condone that Zeke Sylva has used the system for nearly a year and a half to delay his second felong DWI. I do not.

If he is innocent, take it to trial and clear your name.

So I did not use Zeke as a distraction,I used him as part of the double standard that Montoya keeps quite about Zeke who has clearly abused the system to his advantage.

Now if Oliviera does not immediately plead guilty, I will make the same claim about him.

But he is already quoted in the press as to admitting to his mistake. Can you quote Zeke admitting to anything.

Oliviera is not running from his mistake. Zeke Silva is. So why does Montoya not report that? Answer, Dominguez will cut off his payments.

Do you really think you helped Dominguez, after I already said I would never vote for Oliviera.

If you want a blog with unverified troll BS, start a blog and have at it.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

It is rejected because as a true troll you could not copy and paste one thing to support your lies. Conclusory statements are for trolls, not thinkers who look to evidence

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a hit and run if the police picked him up at his house?the texas tribune wrote about this .not good

BobbyWC said...

Insufficient known facts. Hit and run includes not stopping or identifying yourself. He stopped and gave her his ID. This is how the police were able to locate him. There is no requirement to call the police. In fact in Dallas if you call the police they will ask if anyone was injured. If you say know they tell you to exchange information and to go to the substation if you want to report it.

The investigation will show more. If the victim was injured and he failed to render aid if he could, or failed to wait for the police depending on the facts, it could be another misdemeanor or be referred to the grand jury as a felony.

The problem which is always the proble wih social media, trolls are making up unknown facts to support their hatred and ignorance. Zeke Silva's posts presume he has seen medical reports and spoke with the victim. Calling someone a coward for admitting to their mistake tells you how far gone Zeke really is. Meanwhile he runs from his trial while costing the taxpayer money for the endless delay he has created.

So while I can see additional charges. I have no idea what they will be because the police and victim are not sharing key information needed to form an opinion.

Bobby wc