Thursday, April 12, 2018


This is a great addition to my part of Brownsville.  It is basically on the corner of Boca Chica and 14th street/International behind the McDonalds. 

They are renting one and two bedrooms.  You can call Hector at 956-255-9991.  Ask about touring the facility.


HEB on Boca Chica is always packed.  On my side of 4 Corners there is an HEB on Southmost but the selection is very limited.  We need a full service grocery store on my side of 4 Corners.  There are several new housing developments and apartment complexes.  We are growing as an alternative to north Brownsville.  

The complex is part of a bigger project to prepare for Space X.  Check it out.

I spoke with the owners and the complex is hurricane certified and energy efficient.  Your electric bill will be lower than the older apartment which could make up for the increase in rent.  You could end up saving money.  I know people in older one bedroom apartments who pay more for electricity, than I pay for my 2000 square foot house which includes water, sewage and garbage, and a pool filter which runs for 10 hours a day. 

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