Saturday, April 7, 2018


No where in the U.S. does any city have overall better weather than Brownsville.   A family member and I debated this question.  They claimed San Diego is better.  I said to them, how does the Gulf of Mexico compare to the Pacific in San Diego.  "Oh, SPI is way better because the Pacific is cold even in August."

The BV has a lot of politics to report on, but the weekend is for play.  I have been going to Morningside almost daily to watch Bela play kick-ball.  It is amazing.  Every field is packed with some sporting event. Parents are out in full force with their kids getting sun and having fun.

Today for Bela's team we are doing hot dogs, chips and juice.  She loves the socializing and exercise.  She loves how excited the parents get for the kids.

So take a day off from the politics and go enjoy the parks, bike trails, and if you have never been go to the Sabal Palm Reserve.  It is something to see.  For you old folks, according to an old Herald article they filmed the original "Tarzan Meets Jane," at the reserve. I have tried to verify the actual filming through archivists in Hollywood, but beyond the announcement in the Herald there is no information.

When you stand on the platform and look at the raw Rio Grande it tells you something about the journey to get here illegally.  The undeveloped river is actually beautiful.

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