Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Had she lived pass 58 she would be 99 years old today.  She was raised in a home of extreme privilege only to come to the U.S. to face endless racism and battles. Her father Jose Angel died at age 90, having been born in 1864. Her mother died at age 87, having been born in 1892.  Her family was what in the U.S. we would call a Mayflower family and my grandmother never let you forget it.

9 of my grandmother's 11 siblings lived pass 100, on a Nicaraguan diet all having been raised in Nicaragua and in privilege.

When your heart tells you to fight and walk away from the privilege your body tends to give out sooner.  Until this day our friends praise her courage as a Latina widow with 7 kids in 63'.  She never floundered from her perceived mission of equality and justice for all, although she was rarely on the receiving end.

I will never forget the day the FBI came to the house and showed her pictures of herself and us after a year of following us.  The claim was she was covering for a federal judge who took a bribe.  Her government job included translating in federal criminal cases.  Being in the courtroom when the bribe was made, made her a target of the investigation.  They came to tell her after a year they could find no evidence she knew of the bribe.  Her heart was broken to have been treated this way.

But in the end she got back on her feet and fought even harder.  It is all she knew, and it is all I know.

Happy Birthday Mom, and thank you for the blessing of teaching us justice and the importance of fighting back.  Thank you for teaching us our value is in our acts and not our financial wealth.

And for the record, I knew she was not perfect.  She had the art of the chancla down pat,.  And yes she tried pot and told us the day she did it with her friends at work, a federal agency.  She said she did not like it and that was that.  She was open an honest with us about everything so as to prepare us for life.

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