Friday, April 20, 2018


If Sandra Rodriguez is smart she will have BISD, Jane or John Doe as the leaker and Montoya in federal court by next week for leaking confidential personnel information.

Judge Elia Cornejo-Lopez and Sandra Rodriguez need to join forces to depose Montoya with Judge Hinojosa overseeing the deposition to insure he discloses who has leaked FERPA and personnel information.

The leaker and Montoya would have you believe this story concerning BISD and Special Services is new.  No the BV has been covering it since 2008 - that is 10 years with one successful complaint after another.

On April 8, 2018, the BV reported on the federal government intervention at the state and local level for failure to follow federal law when it comes to special needs children.

BISD was given a deadline to remove Cesar Lopez as Board President, Zendejas as Superintendent, and Salazar as counsel.  The Board was warned. Well know they are in free fall panic as the feds and the TEA review their false statements in the case I have been working on for months.

The TEA has had BISD under review for weeks once they were given the evidence of falsification of evidence.

So now Montoya's leaker fearing the entire lot of the above Child Abusers will be exposed for who and what they are tries to put the blame on Sandra Rodriguez.  Oh yes she is a party to the mess, but it was the Board who ran cover for her until it became clear I acted on my promise to move forward and now they are dealing with it and trying to protect themselves.

The BV will not have it.  Everyone listed above is targeted.  They can try and distract to Sandra Rodriguez all they want, but it will not play in Peoria.  Rodriguez needs to sue now for violation of policy concerning release of confidential personnel information.  She is a fool if she takes the fall for all of these child abusers when she knows full well had she not played along she would have been fired.

The BV made clear in its stories that based on the falsified information it was asking that very specific people be referred by the TEA to the AG for criminal prosecution.  Well panic has now set in and it is too late for the Board to correct the abuses.  They rolled the dice and it is now time to meet their maker.

The BV has to wait for authority to release information.  Once I have that authority I will release it.

It will be clear to everyone, all of the above are guilty.  They were given a chance to do the right thing and they said "no, hell no."  So I kept my promise and acted.

Too late guys, let the axe fall where it may.  Your leaker cannot protect you, they only insured another lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

". . . . leaking confidential personnel information."

What personnel information was leak? Tell us so that we can understand your article. FERPA?

BobbyWC said...

Elia alleged release of confidential information about her children - that is FERPA. If i need to explain personnel to you, then you are too lost to understand anyway.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"On April 8, 2018, the BV reported on the federal government invention at the state and local level for failure to follow federal law when it comes to special needs children."
So, you are alleging that the federal government made up that BISD failed to follow the law? That they invented the allegation? I don't get it, this seems to be in contradiction to the tone of the rest of your post.

BobbyWC said...

do you really think you are helping anyone but not recognizing an obvious typo - "intervention"

Bobby WC