Saturday, April 21, 2018


4% unemployment is considered full employment because a certain percentage of people will always be looking to change jobs.  The employment situation in Cameron county, and Brownsville is actually quite good.  I am helping a lot of people look for work.  There is no lack of work.  There is a lack of intelligent companies including the city of Brownsville which understand you hire people, not paper.

If we had an ounce of leadership at the COB they would have a recruitment program clearing people without GED's who are actually qualified for many of the job openings, even the higher paying job openings.  At 10+ dollars an hour it is a lot better then the minimum wage part time jobs many of them fight for.  These people deserve better than the minimum wage part time jobs many are faced to take in unbearable working conditions, because no one else will take them.  Imagine a major department store with no working bathrooms for its employees, and OSHA violations outnumbering the workers making for a very dangerous working environment.  Yes this is real in Brownsville.

At 6.5%, Brownsville Harlingen unemployment rate is actually lower than the McAllen area, according to the Herald.

This is striking distance to full employment.

For the 10 years I have been blogging about the failure of BISD when it comes to special needs children other than the BISD receiving TEA findings against it and spending millions in due process hearings nothing has changed because the BISD exists for rigged contracts not education.

I am saying with commitment all of the current trustees will be held accountable in court.  They had the proof of the problem, the proof of the lies told to the TEA, and chose the path of do nothing, until the rooster came home to roast.  Too late guys.

Mike Hernandez the lying con artist as the savior with educational opportunities has backed the BISD Board President Cesar Lopez as his lapdog. Hey Cesar does your daughter enjoy petting a lapdog?


Chief Justice Roberts writing for the court in Endrew v. Douglas County School District

"When all is said and done, a student offered an educational program providing “merely more than de minimis” progress from year to year can hardly be said to have been offered an education at all. For children with disabilities, receiving instruction that aims so low would be tantamount to “sitting idly . . . awaiting the time when they were old enough to ‘drop out.’”

 Sandra Rodriguez while a guilty party will not be the scape goat for the BISD Board of Child Abusers. They will each be individually held accountable, if nothing else at the polls.

They had the evidence of falsified information given to the TEA and did nothing.  They were given a deadline and laughed.  I pulled the trigger and then they are in a free fall panic trying to pay Montoya to blame Sandra Rodriguez. I hope she gets into federal court fast and spreads the damning emails far and wide for all to see.


For all of the money Mike Hernandez has spent trying to take control of our economic engines he could have hired someone to test the thousands of high school dropouts who need accommodation to pass the GED.  Once someone, anyone does this, Brownsville will reach full employment


If we can just get the accommodations for the dropouts to help them pass the GED, Brownsville will not only be at full employment by 2020, but wages will be going up.  The solution is simple.  But there is no money in it for the con artists so they spend money to promote their cons and not the solutions


Anonymous said...

". . . accommodations for the dropouts to help them pass the GED, . .

What are accommodations and how can they help? Please give us some examples of accommodations that can assist in a person passing the GED.

BobbyWC said...

Most common more time to take the exam. But the need has to be verified through examination by a qualified diagnostician for exampme