Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Honoring my late brother in law's wish that I end his life support, while not easy, was still the right thing to do.  As should be commonly known at this point, Barbara Bush has decided no more doctors other than for comfort.  Good for her.

I am  concerned based on discussions that an older sibling who was just been diagnosed with cancer 3 and 4, has decided minimum treatment because she knows another surgery will not fix it.  They will change her long term care medicine which will mean getting use to more side effects, and endless doctor's appointments.

I just had one niece die of breast cancer and have another who went from stage 1 to stage 3a after the initial surgery and now appears to be at stage 4 after the second surgery. She is taking it a day at a time and will tell you, she will just enjoy life because she has no control over what happens.

This morning I am going to the doctor for an emergency appointment.  I was screaming at the top of my lungs in horrible pain last night for well over an hour.  In speaking with the neurosurgeon we need to attack this from several angles.  The endo issues are being ignored by the VA.  But part of the endo problem is also neurosurgery.  I will give them one more chance to at least pretend they have been to medical school and then the MRI's and blood work which says I need to be with an endocrinologist who actually understands hypothalamic dysfunction when mixed with enlarged ventricles.  

My blood work shows hypothyroidism.  The VA will not even consider treatment.  When you put it together it can be part of the source of the peripheral poly neuropathy.

I would let it all go, if I were 80.  It is not worth the battle.  But at 60, I will take on the VA for treatment.  I am heading for a wheelchair and that will not happen without a major battle.  I have doctors in SA ready to put me on the right treatment path, but the quack administrators in Harlingen are refusing me treatment other than the surgery.  They have no training in the field and will not act until ordered by Washington.  They are so pathetic the idea of consulting the experts they have access to, they just say no.  They will not even consult the massive medical library the VA provides them.

My point here is, sometimes you just need to embrace the reality of poor health and cancer.  But it is an age and advancement of the disease issue.

I am happy more and more people are seeing this, and not just fighting a losing battle and instead embracing what is left of their life.


Anonymous said...

I have never understood people who complain, as you are doing, about the VA and how the treatment or lack of treatment being provided is poor and will have long term consequences yet they continue to use the VA as their medical provider. I get that there are plenty of people that can afford no other care and I get that you should have an expectation of quality care regardless of rather or not you have other resources for medical care. But you tell us you can afford a house with a pool in an affluent (more or less) neighborhood and you tell us you charge some high-end rate as some sort of consultant so apparently you ought to be able to get the care of your choice. So what's up? I think people who allow themselves to suffer or die due to a point of principal are often very foolish.

BobbyWC said...

I tried to buy insurance and because of preexisting conditions it is way way too expensive. I am taking care of myself on many issues and avoiding the VA For sleep apnea I pay for all of my care. The VA cannot be trusted. ON this stationary bike, the VA protocal made it impossible so I just paid for it.

I have gone off of most medications and use herbal medicine which I buy.

The VA not me rated our clinic a 1, the lowest rating you can get.

Since before Obamacare I tried to get insurance and could not because of the ulcerative colotis, which is my rating with the VA. The insurance companies believe it puts me at a high risk for cancer. My specialist tells me that is very old medicine. But no one would sell me insurance. Like I have said many times, I would pay $500 a month to the VA as part of my coverage.

I cannot wait to be 65 because I will get Medicare A-F, and pay for the full coverage.

But it is not possible on what I earn to just pay cash for all of my healthcare. But I probably spend close to $300 a month to avoid the VA.

I am searching for an endochrinologist in SA right now who can work with the neurosurgeon. As it turns out hypothalamic dysfunction is a very limited sub specialty. I will pay for that care and get it done. But now for that if I can prove Harlingen neglected me the VA will reimburse me. BUt for now I know it will cost me several thousand.

But why fight? I am known among the medical staff. Some cooperate with me with the malpractice going on and I use that information to feed to Washington.

There is no one there to help the vets. When they are forced to change because of my complaints it helps a lot of vets.

So I do now pay for a lot of my healthcare. Tomorrow I have to buy a new CPAP. The VA is worthless on this issue. The company I order from will give me a discount . I know my settings. I will not ask for a refund from the VA. They know they have no one to really treat sleep apnea, but they also know no one will take the job.

The current doctor is many things, but trustworthy is not one of them.

But trust me if I could buy a good insurance policy for a $1000 a month I would. It is not possible with the preexisting. They have to sell to me, but they are also allowed to sell at a very high price.

I am glad you caught the main theme of the piece that sometimes its is just better to walk away from further healthcare.

Bobby WC