Thursday, March 22, 2018


To clear his docket the current JP Jonathan Gracia is dismissing cases at record levels.  If he were in his office he could actually hear these cases and raise more money in fines.  When you look to how much money he raises for the county in fines, it is less than other JPs per case.  We need a JP who is there to hear cases and insure both sides are heard.  Offering people cheap deals, when in fact if their story is heard could mean no fine, is not justice. Also for the guilty it could mean meaningful fines.

Forum shopping has been denounced by the Texas Supreme Court many times.  Jonathan Gracia is in a forum shopping scam with Louis Sorola.  At every level it is unethical, but will continue because County Administrator David Garcia is dragging his feet in creating the new position for one clerk to process all new filings in the three JP courts, thereby allowing a computer to randomly assign cases equally to all three JP's.


As documented by the BV Jonathan Gracia created a marriage facility at his home and pays no taxes on it.  This nonsense of the Cameron County Appraisal District Refusing to do its job and force these elected officials to pay their taxes has to end.  We do this by removing all of the top administrators and replacing them with people who will make all elected officials pay their taxes, and issue the proper fines for failing to pay their taxes.

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