Wednesday, March 21, 2018


So about two weeks ago a niece had surgery for stage one breast cancer.  After the surgery she is told all of the exams and testing were wrong and she in fact has stage 3A breast cancer.  She is moving forward.

Yesterday another niece after two years of the doctors not putting her on long term care after treatment for stage 4 breast cancer died.  I know about this long term care issue.  My sister's doctors took her off of it for a few months and another cancer developed.  They caught it and she is fine.

The so called oncologists in Brownsville were getting ready to put my late brother in law in hospice care for terminal stomach cancer.  This was after extensive testing. My gastroenterologist could not verify the cancer, and a year later my brother in law simply died from old age at 94.  No cancer.

My other later brother in law was told to not worry about his neurological problems by his oncologists who treated him for esophageal cancer.  Well with a good Wightman threat to move him to another hospital from my sister they did the brain MRI and spinal tap and he was gone withing 24 hours from a form of terminal brain cancer which only happens in people with esophageal, lung or breast cancer.  The quacks at Sloan, one of the best cancer facilities in the word, failed to make the connection.

Life is what it is.  Passing cannot be avoided.  My real problem is with their unwillingness to admit their limitations and learn to listen to the patient.


My neurosurgeon fortunately listens and knows his limitations.  The surgery is a go, but it may be about 4 months.  He said all of my complaints matched the EMG and MRI's spot on.  He said the nerve damage throughout my body is extensive and explains why I did not feel what should have been a painful EMG.  He said I have no reflexes.

This morning I am off to meet with a doctor at the VA to insure all of the neurosurgeons orders are followed.  There is specific testing and additional treatment he needs to guide him before the surgery.  He was clear I was not to use the treadmill and he wants me on a stationary bike for safety.  He said the falling is very real and dangerous.  To insure a better success rate and faster healing he wants me to lose another 30 pounds.  With the stationary bike and my current eating habits I may be able to do it in 3-4 months.  The longer we wait the worse things will become.

I really liked this guy because he does not trust the MRI's or anyone reading them but himself because there is too much subjective analysis in the process.  He also knows MRI's do not show everything which is why he has ordered some advanced testing which will pick up where the MRI left off.

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