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To in part understand my endorsement see the previous post, and Carlos Rios response to my questions in this post.

Mr. De Leon is an administrator with BISD and already works in advising students on higher education.  He is a product of the TSC UTB mess and knows why it was bad.  
Mr. Juan Jose DeLeon holds a Master of Education from The University of the Rio Grande Valley at Brownsville and a Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences from The University Of Texas Brownsville as well as an Associate of Applied Science for The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.
1. What is the role of a community college and how important is it to the community?
As a former Texas Southmost College graduate, the role of a community college is to provide access to an affordable education; it represents a positive outlook for the future of our students in this city and this positive impact this will be for job placement.
As you are aware a large percentage of our community is very family oriented and a large percentage is of low socio-economic status. As a college, we need to address these financial gaps and assist students with understanding the process to achieving and reaching goals while pursuing a post secondary education.
2. What do you think TSC is doing right, and what can they do better?
We need to tap into resources that can generate more revenue. In the area of recruiting traditional and nontraditional students in all of our local school districts.
TSC has several prospects going in the right direction like our nursing programs LVN and expanding programs that are in demand in our local market.
TSC is working with local school districts to align their technical programs with their career pathway that are essential in our local workforce.

3. How should TSC address workforce needs?
I feel focusing on current gaps in the workforce community, partnering with companies and at the same time be able to plan to meet future demands for jobs in emerging technology for all students.
4. In answering the latter how do we address workforce needs if the budget does not allow for the investment.?
We need to recruit more students and look into all area for our local workforce.
Along with the budget problem how important is low tuition?

It is a priority for me to highlight the impact of cost effective education.
 6. Would you support TSC asking our local Representatives to take the NY approach and make CC's free for families which earn under a specified amount. We are not NY so I think the $125,0000 mark is too high, but maybe 75k to a 100k?
I think this is a great proposal I would very much consider expanding with state partnerships and other considerable financial resources to create this advantage for students.
7.   What is your position on the special needs of TSC students?
I strongly am supportive of any program or initiative that we can establish and empower special need students in our community college. I too have a family member who is dealing with these types of challenges. Currently TSC does not accept the IEP from our local school districts.
A mindset shift needs to happen to ensure we include all type of students.
The phone interview
On this IEP issue I am a bit confused because at the last BISD ARD I was told the child's IEP as it exists in high school will be accepted by TSC.  But De Leon is adamant this year a family member was told TSC does not accept the IEP's from BISD for special accommodation.  The family member was also told the fee for retesting is $200.

This is something which needs to be addressed by BISD and TSC.  Without the accommodations to learn TSC is loosing students and revenue.  Maybe the entire thing was a misunderstanding between TSC and De Leon's family member.  But for sure TSC needs to work at learning accommodations if they are to recruit more students so as to increase revenue.


Mr. De Leon clearly understands they are two different learning environments and UTB and TSC using one instructor for both groups hurt the community college students.  This is key to understanding the difference between the two different institutions. 


I trust you do not need my opinion to decide who is best.  Consider my reporting and vote for who you believe has the most to offer TSC and its students.


Anonymous said...

JJ has my vote. Especially based on the responses and the other guy's lack of response and awareness of the issues.

BobbyWC said...

I'm glad I could help. I would like some input which might explain why he needs to consult with his tech people before he can answer questions. Am I missing something

Bobby WC