Tuesday, March 27, 2018


From Hasse according to Vince Leibowitz, of the Colorado County Citizen: "Hasse began what can most accurately be described as a long tirade by asking, “How long has it been since you all exterminated all of the Democrats in Colorado County,”  Some might say Mr. Leibowitz having lost family under Nazi Germany is biased on the word exterminated, but as a humanist, and having been raised as a Christian Scientist, with tons of friends with Jewish grandparents or parents who survived Nazi Germany, and my older cousin's late mother in law who fled Russian because of the attacks on Jews by the Cossacks, it sends chills down my spine to hear anyone running for public office in this country using the term "exterminated all of the Democrats."

In my family we have Trumpites, and they were horrified to read these words.  We all saw the number tattoos on Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. We all had friends who had parents or grandparents who were survivors who would show us the tattoos.  I did not read this in a book or see it on film, I saw it on the arms of the victims.

In my family we agree to disagree and then drink [lol - god do they drink wine].  We respect each other's diversity of opinion.

In my own postings I stood with Melania Trump and called out the 60 Minutes hit piece.  It is because I care about honesty.  My personal opinion is, Trumps ratings are going up because people have grown tired of the Russian investigation which has produced not one crime other than idiots tied to the matter who lied to investigators or broke laws which have nothing to do with the investigation.

Last night I heard one Republican women say it best, " the government has no business in being the morality police."  I have been saying that my entire life, and I will not change my mind now.  But given how Republicans have called out the morality police on so many issues, while she may be credible the Party is not.


I would not unfriend someone over the use of the word "Exterminate."  I would stand down from the discussion realizing the lines of human decency have been cross and try to focus in on the things which make us friends.


We are forgetting ethic cleansing in Africa, and the former Yugoslavia, and under Nazi Germany, and because we are forgetting these historical facts we are now numb to someone saying “How long has it been since you all exterminated all of the Democrats in Colorado County,” 

I am not numb and intend to call out anyone who defends these words.  The Republican Party should be ashamed of itself for not denouncing Hasse.  And not denouncing Hasse is stupid policy.  He can't win, so why not gain some brownie points among the middle by denouncing Hasse?  Maybe because the Republican leadership does not see anything wrong with using the word exterminated in regards to a group.

On another blog an anony posted all of this is lies.  Well Tad my boy if this is a lie it is for sure defamation and maybe it is time you defend your honor by suing.  You will not Tad, because everyone at the meeting will verify you said it.


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BobbyWC said...

Hey troll, your moronic cowardly comments will never get through. Are you allowing Hasse to influence you by hiding behind the cowardly anony post.

I am 60 and have been in the civil rights battle since age 16. My views have not changed. I have never waivered under pressure on my firm stand for civil liberties.

The idea you think people are not offend by the use of the word exterminating and entire class of people, even in jest, raises serious questions about your mental stability. Which is why trolls always post as an anony.

Hasse done. He knows it. And if Cascos does not denounce him soon he will be labled as a silent coward unwilling to overlook such horrifying statements.

I held the feet of the Democratic Party to the ground when they refused to denounce Cesar de Leon. Same rule will apply to Cascos and the Republican Party of Cameron COunty and Texas.

Bobby WC