Tuesday, March 13, 2018


A word on taxes on the wealthiest and corporations -   We are in tax season and everyone with a high income knows the only way to lower your taxes is with deductions.  By having a high tax rate on corporations and multimillionaires you incentivize them to invest so as to create tax deductions.  If a corporation wants to lower their tax rate they must invest thereby expanding and in fact making more money.  Paying your employees a fair wage is a tax deduction.  Investing in training future workers in robotics manufacturing and then building the factory is a tax deduction.  But now with the lower tax rates corporations are no longer incentivized to do any of these things.  

There is a reason why the economy grew during the mid 50's and early 60's.  Trickle down economics does not work.  Forcing corporations to invest to get tax cuts does work.  Without the taxes our infrastructure will continue to collapse while social services continue to decline.  They will not touch the military budget because our military has become the personal law enforcement agency for the corporations.  Our military defends and protects the interests of the corporations to the detriment of the people and their needs.

While preparing for today's posts, I watched a video of Eisenhower calling for more accountability by the states and reducing the federal responsibility to the states, and in particular for disaster relief.

Texas is the largest welfare state in the US, both the Texas Democrats and Republicans are proud of this.  I am not talking about people being on welfare, I am talking about the state itself.

When Harvey hit welfare queen Governor Greg Abbott ran to the federal taxpayers of the other 49 states for 80 billion dollars, while denouncing taxes.  Texas' economy is a complete failure and a myth.

Yes Texas brings in a lot of industry because it has such low taxes.  But on the other end the federal courts have assigned masters to oversea several Texas social services agencies because Texas has no money to properly fund the agencies.  Texas relies on money meant for veterans to run its medical schools.  The Texas mentality tells its coastal cities they have no duty to have regulations in place to prevent a Harvey type disaster.  Why, because Texas as a welfare state as a state, not the people, will run to the front of the line demanding tax dollars from the people of the other 49 states, rather than have a responsible tax system to support itself and prepare for disaster.

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