Saturday, March 10, 2018


While some worker's rights are a federal issue, the core issues are state issues.  I will not put this on the Republicans because the Democrats controlled Texas long enough to have followed other states in giving workers basic rights and did not.

In Texas an international well known corporation can force its workers to work 15 hour days without a break.  Now the one I know of did allow for an unpaid hour lunch break and that was it.  I was shocked not one 5 minute break is required in Texas. In NY when I worked in the grocery store on the weekends by state law we got a half hour for lunch and two 15 minute breaks.  That is over 40 years ago.

Also I am learning there is no discrimination complaint if a Mexican national supervisor who is based in Matamoros but oversees the Brownsville operations fires someone because they cannot take technical direction in Spanish. 

I post this because I want a conversation as to why we need a new political party in Texas.  The Democrats could have fixed all of this during the years they were in control, but they did not.

Everyone knows I have no problem with our country being multilingual and in fact support it.  But if you can be fired from a company because you do not speak the language of the supervisor which is other than English we are in trouble.  This is on the Texas Democratic Party for doing nothing to protect the workers when they had the chance.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican leader, it can be said you do not support the rights of the workers.  It is time for a Third Party who will fight for the workers.

What makes this example worse everything I wrote about violates company policy, but the company is not enforcing its own policies in Brownsville.  We are just Mexicans who deserve to be treated as if we work in Mexico.

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