Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Picture is not actual of potholes, but very similar.  Do not fret Jessica I did your job and handled it on Monday and the city fixed them on Tuesday.  This is what the exit side of Cowan Terrace West looked like going onto Boca Chica.  People were using the entrance side to get onto Boca Chica thereby creating a high risk for an accident if someone coming from the East on Boca Chica tried to turn onto Cowan Terrace.  There was a good change there would have been an outgoing car in their lane.

I called the city on Monday and explained the high risk for an accident, and last night when I got home from my travel day, they were fixed.

People all you have to do is call the city and they assess the urgency and get to it.  My beef is Jessica passed these potholes many times in that she lives in the area.  This is one of two streets to get out of the development.  So the question is for weeks did she do nothing to protect the people?  If you cannot protect your own neighbors from dangerous potholes as a city commissioner do you have any purpose?

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