Tuesday, March 13, 2018


While in NY someone associated with BISD posted an anony comment saying the complaint I had been working on was denied.  I kept the post and IP address.  I remained silent because I know the rules.  Under the rules Baltazar Salazar was to copy the parent BISD's response and he did not.  I have spoken with the TEA person who wrote the opinion and the matter is being reopened for the violation of the rules and to determine if I have the proof Salazar lied to the TEA.

In the opening findings it says BISD claims to have had no idea of the child's needs until the complaint was filed in January.  Well had Salazar followed the law and sent BISD's response to the parent the parent would have sent the TEA the BISD document dated August 2017, 5 months before BISD claims to have had knowledge which says the child has dyslexia.  He lied and falsified a state document - which is a crime.  The head of Special Services also at Baltazar Salazar's request falsified a settlement agreement, also a crime.

In addition to the foregoing, we have the child's report card from 1st grade showing the child failed reading 3 periods, with a final average of a D.  The TEA's findings show BISD claims no such evidence exists and in fact expressly said according to the report that the child had all passing grades.

There are so many federal law violations it blows my mind.  A lawsuit is the only hope to rid BISD of Desesperanza, Baltazar, and hold Cesar Lopez accountable for being part of the child abuse mentality of BISD towards special needs children.


They live in absolute fear.  I did not now they provide speech therapy for 3 year olds.  This was the other case I came upon.  At my request the Assistant Principal interviewed the child and told me he could not understand one word said by the child.  Another complaint is being filed to support the notion special needs children are being ignored because of threats by the Administration.   We were in January and you are going to tell me the teacher did not know the child was in need of speech therapy.  Of course she did, but numerous sources have told me the Administration is putting pressure on the schools to not identify special needs children,  We all know BISD's penchant for retaliation against those who follow the law after being told to ignore it.  The teachers and school administrators live in absolute fear.  It is time they are protected from Despesperanza and the Board members who support this retaliation.

I learned yesterday after being assured in January the child would receive help with the speech impediment and the parent answered all of the questions the child is still not in speech therapy.  BISD does not want to spend the money.  The parent was told maybe after Spring Break they can start.  Nearly an entire school year has been lost for this child because the teachers and school administrators live in absolute fear of Desesperanza and her cronies.

The lawsuit is coming.  Unfortunately there are only three Board Members willing to hold the Administration accountable.  The 4 bad members will be identified in the lawsuit and can then defend their conduct at the polls.  

After the ARD I reached out to Baltazar Salazar who attended the ARD [I did not reveal this because I wanted to hold out an olive leaf.  I made it clear to him that I would watch the Board and Administration to see how things are handled from here on out].  I thought we were done. Think about it, I forced BISD to send their attorney to an ARD.  Baltazar took my attempt at an olive lead as weakness.  It was not, it was called finding peace.  There will be no peace.  There will be demands for criminal indictments for falsifying state reports and documents, State Bar complaint, and litigation.

Cesar Lopez will be held accountable for his contempt for special needs children, along with the three other Board Members backing the abuse of these children.


BobbyWC said...

Because I cannot verify your claims, they will not be published. Further, the law is clear the teachers have to document their concerns. It is then for the administration to make arraingment for testing. The administration should have handled this, but the teachers are afraid of them. You say it is the parents responsibilty - well the law says otherwise. But as a parent you should have asserted the rights of your child to be tested by the diagnostician. You did not assert your child's rights and wasted your time going to private doctors, which was your right.

And for the record, it is not only 3 year olds who have a hard time coping in a classroom. I have forced BISD to place even high school children into smaller classrooms because they could not handle the larger classrooms. Again it comes down to the parent asserting the child's rights, but that is not possible whene BISD hides the evidence. In the case I have been writing about BISD agreed to testing rather than face Judge Hanen. The testing verified by a specialist proved the child had dyslexia.

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you that BISD has many problems when it comes to educating the children of all ages/grades. I only used my 3 year old as an example of what happened in my case. It is just unfortunate that it seems that this whole city cannot function without some type of corruption and I wish it could all be fixed. It is ridiculous to see how these people get away with all this!

Anonymous said...

Oh another thing I forgot to mention. I did not want to let the school officials know about the issue with my son until the very end of the program for fear of retaliation against my son since he was not zoned for that school at the time. I feel that is the case with a lot of parents as well. But it's good see that you're helping people out the way you do!!