Friday, March 30, 2018


UPDATE:  Actually before I typed in Carlos Cascos direct words Morgan Graham had already contaced me to ask the best format to use to send her response.  As soon as I receive it it will get a stand alone post such as this one.


In an anony comment then verified, Cascos makes clears Tad Hasse's comments are unacceptable.  I have the exact quite in comments but cannot copy it so I have to type it.

Let me complement the Republican leadership for getting on this once asked a lot faster than the Democrats did with Cesar de Leon.  Does anyone know if Gilberto Hinojosa ever commented on Cesar e Leon.  It took Amber Medina way too long, and only extreme pressure.

Carlos Cascos direct words.

"Bigotry and/or racism is unacceptable.  Period.  Words matter.  If in fact Tad used a word such as "exterminate" in the context as has been published, a public appology is warranted.  I do not condone, support or accept any words, phrases or terms that are discriminatory against anyone.

Carlos Cascos.

This is a safe haven post, so no comments will be accepted.  I want people to read Carlos Cascos words without distraction.

As to his qualifier "if"  I am okay with it, with one cavaet, Tad Hasse has not denied what he said, but Carlos Cascos was not witness to it so the "if" is acceptable.

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