Monday, March 12, 2018


I am at a loss.  We did not go to the vet this morning.  It was walk-ins only, and I did not want her upset sitting on the floor for hours.  We have an appointment next week.  While the aspirin helps with her rear leg pain, it is still not enough for her to get up on her own.  But once you help her up, she seems okay.

She did whine at 3 a.m. and woke me up to go out.  You have to nudge her in the right direction because of her loss of vision and hearing, but she makes it to the grass.  I have been retraining her with treats.  As soon as she is  done I get close to her ears and say "let's go for a treat."  She moves at that point.  She has been awake since 9 going in and out the door and walking around the house.

So next week I will see if the vet can give her something stronger than 81 mg aspirin for what is probably arthritis in her rear legs or hip.  She does need constant attention.  It is good I am home all of the time to listen to her needs.

So for now we are on hold.  Going blind and deaf is not a basis to put a dog down.  Also if the vet can help with her pain, she will be fine.  She still brings everyone a lot of joy and seems to be happy when she is walking around.  Soon she will nap for a few hours.  Right now she seems to really like the cool air because she is mostly walking around the pool deck.

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