Monday, March 5, 2018


The numbers were slightly down because there was only one real contested race which interested people. The County Clerk race is the race where people are watching for a winner.  This election is really about Team Saenz v. everyone else.  As for County Judge, no one is really aware outside the blogs that Eddie Trevino has an opponent.  Most people will not even realize it until they see the ballot.  This is one reason people are staying home.

So if Masso, Sylvia,and Joey Lopez win, Team Saenz is dead, and the Betancourt dynasty takes a hit. 

If you want better contested races, you must vote against Team Saenz, and the Betancourts.  This will send a message to the machines the people decide the elections and not the machines.  There are good people who want to run but the machines and money decide the elections far too often.

The power in the end remains with the power of the people.  If you really want change declare war on the machines and end Team Saenz and the Betancourt family.


Well I am officially 60 tomorrow, 61 in China. Officially tomorrow is the 1st day of my 61st year.  We are doing B-day dinner 2 at a nephew's house and with his kids he will call it an early night.  Remember I am an hour ahead.  So I may make it back to my sister's by 7:15 Texas time.  I will have the laptop set up and ready to go just missing the numbers.

No promises but I will keep on top of it if I can.

Tomorrow once the link is up for the returns I will post it on the BV so you can click on it and see the early voting and other returns.  For the SBOE returns you will need to look to the Secretary of State page because that election crosses county lines,  I will have both links up tomorrow.

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